Monday, 6 August 2012

Saturday August 4th

Sorry for the late report but we had 50 for a Chapel barbecue yesterday.

Another good day at Carriage and Wagon with 20 Olympic escapees contributing to some excellent progress on both SO 4790 and CK 16195.

In the workshop things are coming together on the car park end vestibule. Steve continued the panelling of the interior.

 While Chris sorted out the wall side door pillar insert and with a little lifting assistance got the right hand door of the pair re hung and working well with the capping strip in position.
We just need to finally fix the capping strip and etch primer it ready for the painters.

Andy was attaching the corridor connector cover

at the other end Derek started on fitting the flooring having mounted another of the new foot steps.

While inside Paul was washing and sealing the floor on the completed end of the passenger area

which means there is a pile of tables stuffed into the doorway just waiting to be fitted.

Ken hunted down a pair of sliding door handles cleaned and prepared them

while Michael was applying another coat of varnish to one of the doors.

Out in the sunshine Bob and Nicky were again beavering away on one of the Monster Van bogies.

While Dave Hill worked on the arm rest and side panelling for CK 16195 second class compartments a lovely rich blue.

he also showed me the first seat base and back for the same. Wow no dozing off in this compartment.

I've included this picture sideways so that you can see it the way it will be when installed.

While in the barn or for CK 16195

John Osborn made some some new brackets used to secure the corridor connector

which John Squires then fitted. The two were busy cutting and fitting several new sections of steel plate to repair the carriage end above the corridor connector.

 Grenville continued his restoration of the dust extractor for the paint shop

while Dave talked about the paint shop with mark Young from the Loco department. Mark just happens to be an architect. So many special skills are available from so many of the railways volunteers.

Of special note has to be Robins efforts repainting heating grills on the Maroon Rake it not really any fun laying on your side working your way through the train. Well done.


Anonymous said...

That "Steve" will be Mark!

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Thanks, apologies to Mark. Correction made.