Sunday, 26 August 2012

Saturday August 25th

With alternative short spells of sun and heavy showers it was a way for 16 of the C&W team to stand in the shelter of the workshop and admire the dediction of the P'Way gang who were removing the old garden siding as part of the groundworks for the new paint and associated workshop building.

Although we normally refer to it as a 'paintshop' the building will house woodworking and upholstery facilities along with a new mess room and storage area.

However, we didn't spend all day watching P'Way. Cheryl was busy in the morning taping up edges on SO 4790 ready for the top coat of paint to go on very soon.

Ken and I remounted the last of the double doors with its capping strip ready for the painters after Chris and Steve had completed fitting and trimming the door liner.

And if Chris really thinks he needs to breathe in for the photo what hope do the rest of us have!

Steve Barnfield continued his mammoth effort to craft both walls and ceiling for the entrance vestibule. Here a curved section of the ceiling is in position and firmly clamped while Steve prepares to fix it.

Part of the fitting requires trimming round other features of the vestibule such as the electrical switching installed by Phil Salter.


at the end of the day the progress was very clear

a visit to the upholstry van found John hill working away on another seat for CK 16195.

In the barn John Osborn was continuing the installation of new end plates to CK 16195.

While Martin Jaunch resumed the rubbing down and filling of the sides.

Nikki was busy organising some moves.

The RBr 1675 is about to become our mess room so the chairs were moved to storage. In our overalls old plasric chairs are in order.

Paul in the van to organise the storage, Ken to lift the chairs into the van, and Nikki to hold the trolley.

No actually she had been holding the chairs on the trolley for he very bumpy trip down the yard.

once again as can be seen here parts of the yard look more like the lake district.

So then with Dave there was the removal of some old signalling batteries for recycling.

Grenville was busy cleaning up a painting a gift received during the open weekend. this being a GWR Stormwater drain cover. An unusual item of railway memorabilia but, with the storms weve been having, one that could easily see service again!

Phil Salter gave some assistance to the P'Way gang by using some of our cutting gear to remove some stubborn fishplates bolts. 

At the end of the day Ken and I teamed up again the lift the last door back roughly into position ready for the door team to do the final adjustments and fittings.

By the end of the day the P'Way gang had lifted most of the siding which was as well because the increasing severity of the rain gathered in the hole created instead of running into our workshop which it has done repeatedly in recent times. 

Now are we sure a swimming pool wouldn't be a betted idea?
If you would like to see more picture of the efforts check out the link on the right hand side to the P'Way phot site.

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