Monday, 13 August 2012

Saturday August 11th - preparation

Much of what we do is preparation but today was different. Today was largely about preparing for the open week end.

Yes it's next week end make sure your come along and meet the team and see the work first hand.

So amid much sweeping and tidying up to ensure visitor safety things were moved so that the various demonstration stands were set up display boards mounted. The moving included SO 4790.

Dave took time out to do a tour for the Silver Firer and drive course.

Outside Phil Jones tidied up the entrance.

That look better.

Some continued with the restoration effort.

Chris checked out the door pillar liners which I then fixed and measured up some capping strip ready to fix.

Steve was still beavering away with panelling the main entrance vestibule. He also mounted the handles of the sliding doors

and fixed the sliding door to the corridor connector.

Bob Keyte applied stained to some of the panels prior to vanishing and gave this section a second coat of varnish.

Grenville was cleaning windows.

While John Hill fitted the tables in the barn end of SO 4790

another step closer to completion

as was Ken's fitting of the turn buckles to secure the heating pipe covers.

All in all a good day with lots done.

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