Monday, 30 July 2012

Saturday July 28th

Saturday 28th July - Report from Dave Clark

There were 15 in on yet another hot day, with the breeze blowing some fancy dust devils around the yard.

We welcome Brian West to C&W. Brian is an engineer, working on helicopters at Staverton. His engineering experience will be very much appreciated.

The large movable platform, which has been outside for some time, now resides in the Workshop. Over the past week Grenville has been repainting it in yellow and black in preparation for our Open Weekend on 18th/19th August, when it will used by our visitors to walk through SO 4790 and see coach refurbishment in progress.

John Osborn gave Nicky some more tuition in welding. Earlier on she had had some practice at sharpening drill bits.

During the morning we had more visitors. I looked after another two tours for the latest Silver Fire and Drive Course, while later on Cheryl gave Debbie, a visitor from the Mid Hants Railway, a tour

Maroon Rake

Internal repairs and tidying up to our second line rake are continuing with Paul Wood in charge of this essential work.

Chris produced a new internal door panel to replace one that had been split.

Cutting the side strips for the new panel on the large multi-tool machine.

The completed panel, with side strips glued and held in place with clamps. This will now be stained and then varnished, to match as far as possible the other sections of door panelling, as will be seen by the lower section in the picture.

the second new piece of vestibule ceiling was given a top coat. Hopefully the water tank leakages in the FK can be resolved and the new sections of ceiling screwed in place.

CK 16195

Metalwork rebuilding at the Workshop end is now underway with Peter Fisher welding in new sections of crash pillar. Just prior to this, Phil Salter removed much of the internal wood framing in this corner so as to leave it clear.

Some more significant progress was made with SO 4790. Initially Cheryl completed the undercoating on the door at the Barn end/Workshop side. This door and corner section will be given its initial top coat next Thursday.

With Steve Warren and the JCB handy, we grabbed the opportunity to shunt out 4790 and remount the missing corridor connection on the Park end of the coach. In the photo, while Dennis supports the ladder, Phil attaches the two pneumatic connectors prior to the heavy connection being lifted and bolted in place. Before this could happen, the connection was briefly taken into the Workshop to have one of the two main bolt brackets re-welded.

Although the coach is outside the Workshop, Steve continues to work inside the new vestibule and planes down the edges of a section of recently fitted interior panelling.

With 4790 back in the Workshop, Ken starts attaching the concertina section of the corridor connection to the coach body. First the easier bit of attaching the bolts to hold the base to the checker plate. This will be followed by the long and very fiddly job of replacing the large number of screws holding the back section to the wooden supports on the coach body.

In the vestibule, Steve next turned to the ceiling panelling, with the first section nailed in place by the end of the day. With the ceiling to be painted and the end panel to be stained and varnished, careful use of masking tabe will be essential.

Towards the end of the day, Phil and Richard began mounting the new footboards.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Thursday Addendum

Some more pictures of Wednesdays and Thursdays activity or none activity!

Nikki and Cheryl take a break from carriage cleaning.

While others took to the ice creams.
Thanks to Dave and Rod for the extra pictures.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Thursday July 26th

HOT HOT HOT! three days on the trot.

Must be time to declare a drought.

Picking up on some of the work carried out yesterday:

we have the painting of the new steps of  SO 4790/ Three short steps

and two long ones.

The long shelf for the disabled area now varnished and looking superb.

Another replacement ceiling for the maroon rake.  This one has now been undercoated.

Today, as usual at the moment there was some carriage washing

and window cleaning. We don't have a Ukulele.....


Nikki continued with cleaning up the underframe on the Monster Van.

while in the workshop the stirring of paint has again been observed. Cheryl working on one of the barn end doorways.

While Rod was painting at the other end

Ken having assisted me with progressing the wall side double door mounting also turned to painting

This time the front of the dust extractor.

and Ben also got in on the act with etch primer on two aluminium strips he has cut out under the watchful eye of John Osborn who assisted with tidying the edges up.

John also did a little welding job for me spot welding into positioning a dozen nuts for one of the double doors.
Which Ken and I promptly removed to start fitting the wooden liner.

At the end of the day even Dave found the opportunity to get a brush out.
Note the platform has also been painted. I gather that was by Grenville but not sure when. It wasn't to day.

Not pictured Bob washed some ceilings in CK 16195 and then painted one of them, while I cut out the rotten base of two of the crash pillars on the carriage ready for the welders to do there thing.

Dave also had along meeting about gas supply requirements for the heating system in the new paint shop.....     

when it gets built.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Saturday July 21st

With an unexpected visit from a bedraggled daughter and her family returning from a rain sodden camping holiday in Wales I didn't make it in again.

With many of the C&W team taking a day trip out on the Brighton Belle coach work was, not unexpectedly, limited. However, thanks to Dave who, despite being on the trip, sent this report. With the pictures taken on Sunday while showing a large group from the Mid Hants around.

SO 4790
Steve Barnfield continues to do some excellent work in the new vestibule, with the curved wooden supports and more panelling now in place. These are now ready for priming.

Some more wooden fittings were given a further coat of varnish.


Eddie came in for his regular visit and we were able to discuss a number of points on the progress of this coach. These visits are extremely useful because, although we have a message book and leave notes where relevant, there is nothing better than first hand information and planning. Eddie later took the clamps of his new shelf for the disabled area, and we were able to see what a lovely job he had made of it (for pictures please see the blog for Wednesday 18 July).

CK 16195

John Squires was able to complete the removal of the wooden sections of the corridor connection on the Workshop end. We now have full access to enable the removal and replacement of all the corroded metalwork.

Clive and Charlotte worked on the inside, firstly removing the plaques on the wooden tops of the corridor heaters and then sanding the latter down to remove any loose paint.


They then started to strip out the internal wooden window framing inside the first class compartments - the individual segments were numbered to identify the compartment and window concerned, and their position within the window itself. These will now be sanded down and re varnished, and then put back in their respective locations.

All the remaining second class seating was removed from the CK and placed against the Barn wall, in preparation of eventual re-covering.

Maroon Rake
We are continuing with a number of repairs and some minor repainting within the Maroon Rake.

Another section of vestibule ceiling has had to be removed, so during the day Derek made a replacement, which was later fitted with a light and wiring. This will need priming and then painting in undercoat and gloss white, before being installed.

Dust Extraction Unit
For many years an external dust extraction unit has sat in the Barn awaiting attention. Hopefully this can be used in connection with the proposed Woodworking/Building Services room in the new Paintshop building. Despite looking a bit weather worn externally, the inside of the mechanism is actually in good condition.

The unit with its front cover removed.

The air filter unit, vacuumed out during the day by Phil Salter.

Phil later cleaned up the rusting doors and applied some red oxide.

Friday July 20th - Exchanging orange overalls for blue

Report from Dave Clark

Steve and Ian

Having enjoyed a Gold Fire and Drive day in 2011, the chance to do the new Platinum day with nearly 30 miles on the footplate was just too tempting to resist.

Arriving at Winchcombe yard at about 7 a.m. I met Steve and Ian, my fellow participants, and we walked round to the loco stabling yard to meet Tony and Ben, our driver and fireman for the day. After introductions we got cracking on Foremarke Hall with the brasso and rags, while Tony oiled round and Ben checked everything underneath.

Just over an hour later the three of us were enjoying a hearty breakfast in the Flag and Whistle. On returning to Winchcombe we boarded the train and adjourned to the RBr where Tony briefed on us on the workings of the steam locomotive

Regulator closed, vacuum brake on, small and large ejectors closed, and reverser in mid gear.

and general H&S, and Frank, our organiser, explained the day's schedule. We then moved to BSO 9000 and, in turn over successive trips to Cheltenham and back, enjoyed a full round trip driving and two separate down and up trips firing.

While at Cheltenham we all had turns up on the back of the tender, helping with both watering and pulling coal forward. Also while at Cheltenham we had an interesting tour of the signal box. During engine runarounds, coupling and uncoupling were also on the itinerary. After the final run, with Foremarke Hall back in the yard, we three remained on the footplate while the engine was used to position both 5542 and 2807 in readiness for Saturday's operational requirements.

Flap down, blower slightly on, and the rear damper open. Ben's soap tin on the drip tray!.

"Right!" "Three down each side, two under the door, and three down the front". "Then a further two in both back corners".

The big smile says it all!

With the shunting completed we then assisted Tony and Ben with engine disposal, which included shovelling the watered down ash from the pit into wheelbarrows. After a quick clean up, we eventually left at about 7.15 pm. It was then home to a welcome shower.

Grateful thanks are due to Tony, Ben, Frank, and our Guard and travelling Signalman, and everyone else who made it such an enjoyable day. If you have never done a "Fire and Drive", then I can thoroughly recommend it. We have a lovely railway, and viewed from the footplate, with the sound, smell and feel of a working engine in such close poximity, it is something not to be missed.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Thursday July 19th

Heck. I've been married 43 years today so I was allowed out to play but not allowed to be late home!

There were 15 of us turned out and the usual group went to the station cleaning the carriages. Paul and Cheryl were first out joined by Ron and Robin later.

Dave and I took a tour of the workshop to see what needed doing. On 4790 The metal work by the barn end wall side door needed trimming back to a marked line.

My first job of the day. Job done.

I re taped the corner while I was there ready for the painters once the door trim is finished.

Bob Keyte took the opportunity to do some painting which has been scare for a while.

Obviously out of practise there is actually a run.

Unheard off!

There is hope for the rest of us. It is only the undercoat so it will cover up without problem.

Peter Lucus tackled the door on the other side, after some taping up for the lines.

After lunch progress got broken up as

1.Dave and Bob visited Toddington to assess the work needed on the Loco teams mess coach.

2. We had a report that the last carriage leaving Cheltenham was making a (bad) noise. So Paul and I went up the station to revue the situation. There was nothing obvious as the train arrived so the brakes were suspected as they were on as it arrived. Equally nothing was obvious as it left.

However, Ron who had transferred to 'meeting and greeting' for the afternoon was travelling on the train and took the opportunity to check as they left Cheltenham again. Again the noise was apparent so further investigation will need to be done on Saturday. The suspicion is on brake chatter as they pull away.

John Osborn replaced the rusted end sections of corridor connector

and while he was at it, he took the opportunity to do some more training with Nikki.

I finished the day with sockets, big hammer and crow bar removing some more of the wood sections from the corridor connection on CK 16195. Thanks to Rod for the picture.

With the centre section gone the extent of the rust was apparent. he outer skin has gone completely and the inner frame is rusted.

Dave (and others) started preparing a painting display board for the open day. The dark slash on the board is where the top layer of ply has lifted and been cut out. We even have to fill the display board!!

Rod cleaned up some trim from CK 16195.

Having left early my wife and I enjoyed an lovely meal at Barnsley House where she used to work when it was purely the display gardens of the late Rosemary Verey. The gardens are still there a make a delightful after dinner walk.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wednesday July 18th

Thanks to Russ Smith for our report on the work of the Wednesday Group.

The uphoulstry team of John Randall, John Hill, Dave & Penny Dron worked on finishing off some of the seating in the disabled carriage.   

Derrick O'Brien and Craig Dyer worked on the hinges to one of the double doors on the wall side of the workshop.  


Grenville Care drilling holes into a fresh piece of timber.

Eddie Paddon then started to assemble the new piece of shelving which will be installed into the disabled carriage.

This will provide disabled passengers with somewhere to put their drinks whilst they are travelling on the train. There will also be a handrail to act as a support.

Bob Mac worked on completing the removal of loose and flaking bitumastic paint from the roof CK 16195 in the barn.

Mike Blakemore is shown starting to fit the securing plate for the lock on one of the doors of the disabled carriage.

John Randall spent some time in his annual task of sorting out screws and other miscellaneous small items that form an important part of the stores.