Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wednesday June 20th

Our thanks to Russ for this report.

The emphasis this week is on the C&W Maintenance Team who were engaged in servicing the choc. & cream set. This had been taken out of service for a couple of days, being replaced by the maroon set.  

Steve Smith concentrated on sorting out a couple of electrical queries.

One of them related to why the dynamo does not charge this particular carriage when in normal service running.

The reason turns out to be that the design of that system means that it only kicks in when the speed of the train exceeds 28 m.p.h. That is not too often on our line with its Heritage Railway 25 MPH restriction!  

The specific gravity + the level of electrolite was checked for each cell in each battery on each carriage.

The brakes required adjusting on some of the carriages.

This can lead to a lots of huffing and puffing.

There are 3 different systems in use on different carriages in this particular rake. Each system requires specialist knowledge relating to their adjustment.

Is this a push pull carriage?

Look at the picture closely.

Somebody  always get to sit around (this time its Clive).

Clive Thomas topped up the oil in the reservoirs for each axle of each carriage. 

The Upholstery Team of Penny and Dave Dron and John Hill came on board the choc & cream service rake for part of the day.

They checked the condition of all the seats, and did jobs such as securing loose staples, cutting off loose threads, etc.

Thanks again to Russ for the pictures and report.

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