Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wednesday June 13th

John Randell spent much of the day sorting out the miscellaneous screws and other fixings kindly donated to C & W following the death of our friend and colleague Peter Hackett.

Eddie Paddon had made a 1st-class job of making up intrically shaped pieces of timber to go in the gangway at one end of the disabled carriage.

Two more new pieces of timber for the disabled carriage - to be fitted later into the door entranceways. 

Grenville Care helped to make the underframe look a lot smarter.

 Derrick O'Brien helped to prepare the 2nd of the double doors on the wall-side ready for a trial fitting. 

Tony  Shilham spent part of the day sanding down one of the interior door panels.

One of the many reasons why the disabled carriage is taking so long to complete is the complex job of getting door hinges and mountings in exactly the right place.

In this case a completely new securing plate had to be welded into place in the door frame.

During the day the engine from the service train was asked to assist in moving a maroon carriage from one side of the yard across to the C & W sidings. The maroon carriage, CK 16195, was at the back of the Elegant Excursions set.  

The LMS 8F pulled all the carriages out of the siding and into platform 2.  

The diesel shunter went on the end of the train, and brought the maroon carriage across to the C&W sidings.

CK 16195 will replace TSO 4869 in the Jack Road when we can shunt it in on Saturday

The LMS 8F then proceeded to push the Elegant Excursions rake back into its siding before returning to its normal duties ready for the 13.00 departure.

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Good news about the new paint shop!