Friday, 8 June 2012

Thursday June 7th - the chameleon

After a slightly slow start today things eventually moved on at a great pace.

First thing Paul and Cheryl headed to the station for a spot of carriage washing. They were joined by others as they arrived.

In the workshop work on 4790 got into full swing with the carriage turning chameleon like from dusty undercoat to shiny top coat. The transformation started with a little more of the inevitable rubbing down by Ken.

He then followed up by painting the same corner in undercoat grey.

He later changed to the black and helped me with the first coat of black at the car park end before returning to complete the original corner in black.

Cheryl returned to the workshop and started on the dusting. Well wiping down ready for the top coat.

Bob Keyte arrived and ........

well if you must ask got the tights out to strain the paint....

yes really.

With the entrance vestibule area painted and the end bracing and woodwork finally fixed, I'm not sure when this was done but it was all ready for us this morning, it was over to Phil for the electrical switching.

Having cleaned and serviced the switch gear , checked the main fuses under the carriage, that's Phil underneath, and connected it all up there was as moment of shock.

No not that sort of shock the lighting circuit in this carriage is only 24 volts, some of the lights didn't work. However, it was quickly realised nobody had put bulbs back one section of the carriage. Bulbs installed it all worked fine. As if we ever doubted. It was also possible to re fix the inter carriage electrical connectors. They are now ready for wiring in.

Pete Lucus one of the early arrivals was also straight into the painting. having done the cream with Cheryl he started started the chocolate at the barn end and meet up with Bob going the other way.

Last seen Bob was working his way along the top strip on the other side.

The sliding doors for the corridor connections both got another coat of varnish and now really shine.

The wall side entrance door was again the subject of some attention with Ralph Pickstone and Pete Fisher finalising the positioning of the door.

John Osborn was in 'open all hours' mode not with four candles or even fork handles but with four legs. Along with the frame they will form the base of the new single seat in the wheel chair area of 4790. This replaces a double seat creating more manoeuvring room for the wheel chairs.

My daughters and grandchildren will be keen to sit here as the frame is made from the remains of what was the garden swing given to my eldest daughter 38 years ago. Now there is recycling!

The finished frame.

RBr 1672 tables continue to give problems with the laminate bubbling, the shadow across the middle is the result of the ridge, Roger Wicker having extracted the problem table and refitted another did have to take a ride to Cheltenham and back to ensure the table was mounted properly, well that was his excuse and why not!

The moth balling of 4869 was completed and the roof just needs the last 4 feet painting. It was left as that end of the carriage is at the open end of the barn and was exposed to the heavy rain blowing in from that direction.

The main running rack has problematical electrical issues. The maintenance group tracked the issue thought the train as far as the RBr but ran out of time to complete the trace. John Hamer continued, narrowing it down and isolating the issue, this improved the charging situation at least temporarily. Now he has to identify the actual issue but that's for another day. A dry day when the train is standing still for longer.

Paul, Roger and Robin also spent much of the day on Maroon Rake maintenance issues getting it ready for some of the special trips when chicken curve re-opens.


Anonymous said...

Hi, is there any scope on this blog for including some of the carriages yet to be restored, mabey on the 'other vehicles ' tab

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

That is my intention. currently some of the other carriages are stuck out of reach beyond Toddington and the othersw in siding where it isn't possible to get adecent picture. As things move around I will be adding other pictures.