Thursday, 28 June 2012

Thursday June 28th Tabling a Motion

I know it's the AGM tonight at the race course. However we had our own set of tables to deal with today. In theory some of these tables are to replace those in SO 4790.

Having looked at them and John Hamer having taken the tape measure to them we seem to be in doubt about the advantages of using them. We will have to clarify that later.

Our first job was to clean them up as they appeared to have been left out for a while. Several we're rather green and all were dirty.

So a small squad washed them all and sorted the badly damaged ones out to a separate pile. We just got finished before the thunder cracked and the rain hammered down, fortunate.

John Hamer obtained some new capping strips earlier in the week. We did look at fitting one to the workshop side double doors. Having adjusted the length of top trim over the doors and lined the strip up it looks like we need to groove the wood insert to seat the capping correctly. Another thing to check before we can proceed. So frustratingly another day with little progress on 4790. Except I did paint the two little communication cord flags red. Wow.

Fortunately on Wednesday they did get the panelling finished at the end on the carriage. 

They also fitted the new single seat in the corner of the campartment.

It is swings and roundabouts of course because lots of progress was made on CK 16195. First Malcolm finished cleaning the roof and started on the painting while Tony Barnard removed the first of the sliding compartment doors and spent the day stripping it down and sanding all the wood trimmings.

The windows in this carriage are double glazed but several are 'blown'. One has been removed, (last Saturday), to investigate the options either split the units and make them single glazed, this needs extra wide rubber filling strip or get new double glazed units. Another decision to be made.

The unit chosen was also in the window with a broken top opening slide window. It is the left hand frame that is broken not the glass. First attempts to remove the window mount bars to remove it failed and the suggestion was made to remove the whole frame so that it could be dealt with on the work bench.

This is the first carriage with this type of frame we have dealt with and it was soon apparent that removing the frame was not the way forward.

Returning to the original plan eventually two screws were removed and the other two were drilled out.

This may look strange but there is a work platform just out of picture with allthe tools on it.

Here you might think the saga was over, but no! A search of the storage vans failed to find a suitable replacement.

Several options were considered but none were really suitable. So a final look round found a single slider unit in the corner of another carriage. The carriage had a complete set so why it was there we don't know. All we cared was that it was not only the correct style, the correct size, it was also the correct one of the pair! They are handed left and right. How lucky can you get.

Ken was quickly into the clean up of the window.

Rod and Robin continued with the compartments removing the wall light fittings for cleaning and washing ceilings. Here Rod puzzles over the whole in the ceiling and how to repair it. The hole is the result of the lighting being converted to strip lights from 2 bulbs.

John was on a good run of finding things and came up with another section of ceiling in one of the storage vans. Rod was soon making a new patch.

During the morning Nikki and Cheryl were again cleaning and painting bits of the Monster Van.

After that Cheryl went to watch the tennis and Nikki started her first welding lesson under the tutorledge of John Osborn.

When the storm was over the sun came out and turned hot prompting Dave to head for the station and the TPO van in the platform 2 bay.

It is defiantly suffering from measles now. If we can get a whole fine day May be we can get the top coat out!

Paul with assistance from Ron finshed washing the side of the Chocolate and Cream set despite interuptions from John Hamer and myself investigation the water system on the RBr.

Paul was then away to the Maroon set with a group continuing the internal spruse up. Ready for some special runs when the track re-opens.


Anonymous said...

I saw a photo on the net a couple of months back showing an excellent paint job - chocolate and cream mail coach with some smart royal mail scrolled signwriting....just trying to remember where...
Done a quick search and there's a good photo of one on Wikipedia under "coaches of the great western railway".
U have any plans to paint the mail coaches like this? They look smart

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

If you look further and READ the attached write up is says
"Most coaches were painted in a chocolate brown and cream livery, although this did change over the years, however they were plain brown or red until 1864 and from 1908 to 1922. Parcels vans and similar vehicles were seldom painted in the two-colour livery, being plain brown or red instead, which caused them to be known as "brown vehicles".

So noting the last section perhaps ALL brown would be more appropriate!