Thursday, 21 June 2012

Thursday June 21st

The longest day was a long day for me.

I spent much of the day trying to fit the communication cords external connection cover. Easy 3 bolts.

Easy that is until the drill shattered as I drilled the last hole. I couldn't drill it out so I think I will start again on Saturday and move the mount bracket which will allow me to move the cover enough to start afresh with new holes all round. Oh well.

I guess when you ride the train you tend to get and sit down in the that carriage but do you ever look at the others INSIDE?

I also took a long walk one end of the Chocolate and Cream rake to the other. Now without scrolling down how many different moquettes are used in the current carriages on this rake?

John Osborn was the only other person working on 4790 today cutting some brackets for the new single corner seat.

With the rain on and off all day there was no point in tackling the PO van or the Monster Van. So it was a quick dash to the Chocolate and Cream rake between the showers to deal with more of the maintenance jobs while it is out of service.

Robin was busy dealing with a large scratch in the veneer.

Rod and Dave took on the disabled area washing the area and then doing a little touch up painting. Paul led a wash and brush up team working there way through the carriages. While Nikki dealt with some door trim issues.

On CK 16195 Malcolm had a go at the roof continuing from where Bob Mac left off. The pummelling you get from the air chisel final took its toll and Malcolm changed to a paintbrush a finished the day priming the cleaned area.

Jeff took over the sanding on the side completing the section to the third of the four side doors.

While Ken started on the 44 screws that secure the flexible corridor connection to the carriage. At a guess he has loosened about 30-35 of the them. This enable the flexible section to be clamped out of the way and allows enough space for the welding to be done without the need to remove the very heavy corridor connection frame.

The Moquettes?

There are 6 in 7 carriages!!!

and the Restaurant Car has 2 different type of chair as well.

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