Friday, 15 June 2012

Thursday June 14th

A dry start to the day meant it was carriage washing on platform one for Paul.

Inside the carriages Robin and Ron were busy cleaning through.

Here is the other side Paul did earlier.

Having waved bye bye to the first train the action switched to the PO Carriage on the platform two bay.

John Hughes and Jeff Brodrick here debate what to do next. They were soon joined by Rod Wells. We are giving this a tidy up for the summer season if we get any dry weather to do the painting!

The Monster Van was also again getting some attention with Bob paint stripping

and Nikki cleaning and painting the underframe and fittings.

 Also taking advantage of the dry morning was Ken, again working on the 'A' frames for our new gantry

while inside the workshop I was using the red oxide on the cross member.

Peter Fisher having finished the welding on the cross member spent the rest of morning sorting out the mount tabs for the wood section made and mentioned in last Saturday's blog.

Also on 4790 Cheryl, with her new hair cut,

yes it really is Cheryl,

completed painting the areas that are ready for painting.

After lunch and only just in time before the rain a group took a walk along Chicken Curve, it looks very good. It just needs more rail etc!

Dave Hancox was busy on the corridor connector painting both the rubber flexible connection (tyre wall black and the steel section shiny black.

Tony Barnard arrived from his shift of the real railway and painted the 'outside' side of the corridor connection sliding doors. The 'inside' side is wood panelled and varnished.

 Bob Mac and Malcolm Dixon were both attending to roof painting one on 7221 the other on the maroon rake.

After tea another distraction occurred as 5542 went past the window. Several went to watch the unloading. Our thanks to Ken for the pictures.

by this time the rain was pouring all the external work ended.

On the downside you will note there has been no internal work on on either 4869 or 7221 for a couple of weeks. We had suspicions of Asbestos insulation board behind the heating pipes. As a precaution a sample was sent for testing and it has confirmed our suspicions.

These carriages are new to the railway and have not been worked on or run on the railway before.
We have sealed the carriages and appointed a licenced specialist company to deal with it.

We thought we had passed this stage some time ago. However, being ever cautious we still check.
Fortunately 4869 was being moth balled anyway. We had already found far more work is needed than our current schedule of restoration permitted.

7221 is more problematic as it was due into the workshop soon.

So CK 16195 now moves up the schedule and will be the next carriage into the workshop.

with 20 signed in there was also other activity by our members.

John Osborn while trying to look like he was busy, carrying a tape and a some paper always works, did actually spend most of the day following up on and promoting

the Photo Competition. See the link top right.

I know there is lots of time yet but entries are a bit slow at the moment so come on get your entries in, I must do mine.

How about some pretty flowers growing in the car park.

For the railway photo with no loco or train section.

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