Sunday, 24 June 2012

Saturday June 24th Success

I was only in for the morning session as my wife wanted to visit a wind farm open day happening not far from our house. So thanks to Dave Clark for the report of the days efforts.

A very busy day for which the Beatles' song "Here, There and Everywhere" could be a very apt description, with C&W staff scattered all over the site, and even at Toddington.

Dennis Richards started the day with his usual checking and servicing on the Maroon rake, but by late morning he had become the stand-in guard for the Diesel Driver Experience train being run on the northern section of the railway.

Paul Wood did his usual check of the Chocolate and Cream rake before the first service train departed from Winchcombe.

SO 4790 Some very good progress was made today.

Peter renewed his efforts to secure part of the communication cord apparatus to the coach body, and this time was rewarded with success.

Also at this end of the coach, Richard and Ken serviced the buckeye coupling, vacuum hose and other nearby fittings.

Richard then re-taped the coach end ready for the black paintwork to be completed and the relevant transfers applied.

Martin started the day by fixing three more of the large seat side panels in the Park end compartment, which he then lightly sanded before applying another coat of varnish.

Further varnish was also applied to the previously fitted side panels in this compartment.

Eddie Paddon popped in during the morning and indicated a section of veneer panelling that needed re-colouring.

Martin duly removed the old varnish with paint stripper and a light sand to leave a nice clean surface for Eddie to apply fresh wood stain next Wednesday.

Amongst many other jobs, Phil Salter had a frustrating time trying to remove an unwanted section of metal bar above the wallside double doorway, which eventually required the use of the angle grinder.

Initially Steve worked in the Park end of the coach, both in the vestibule and new disabled area. He later moved on to the Barn end, and attached the wooden sills for both side doors - rubber inserts will later be glued in the recess of each sill.

Ben cut out and prepared some more parts for the new single corner seat in the disabled area

CK 16195 There was quite a bit of effort on the maroon CK during the day, the early part of which was somewhat noisy with Malcolm stripping more of the roof using the air chisel.

However this essential work, done by both Malcolm and Bob Mac, is almost completed and a coat of etch priming paint is gradually being added. When done, several coats of the black high-build roof paint will be applied.

Phil Jones made a start using sugar soap and by the end of the day had completed the Yard end vestibule, three of the first class compartments and about a third of the corridor. An excellent start.

John Squires continued the job that Ken had begun on Thursday to remove the remaining securing screws and nuts of the Workshop end corridor connection.

The discovery of corrosion all round the connection means that it will have to be removed completely rather than just eased back, as was done with SO 4790.

This will require the services of Steve Warren with the JCB and chains as was done with BSO 9000.

Some heavier action was required by John to tackle some parts!

The discovery of corrosion at the bases of the crash pillars means that the interior panelling will also need removing, and Ben and grandfather John got to work on this.

On one of the nearby doors, Ken began removing the lock prior to taking off the very worn underlying panel.

Also during the day, Richard and John Hill walked through the coach to assess the upholstery requirements. The first class seating is generally in very good condition with just a loose single drop-arm to repair. The second class seating will require much more work, with the seat bases and many of the arm rests in a very worn condition.

CK 7221

Although this vehicle is currently moth-balled, John Hill is continuing with the re-upholstering of all the previously removed first class seating. The material being used looks very smart.

That's another moquette!

Monster Van

The weather enabled Grenville and Bob Keyte to get back out to the Monster Van.

With undercoating on the planking at this end completed, Grenville applied a top coat of black. This end of the van is looking very good. Just need some tyre black on that hose to complete the job.

The other end still requires a number of repairs to the planking before any painting can be started.

Bob resumed his cleaning up and preparation of the south side. The bases of two of the metal window surrounds were re-secured with some new screws, and some bridging filler added where required. Bob then continued undercoating.

Chocolate and Cream rake problem

We received a report in the morning that some of the brake blocks under BSO 9000 were not binding when braking had been fully applied. The cause was that on the bogie concerned some brand new blocks had just been added but to one wheel only, which meant that the worn blocks on the other wheel were left suspended when the former clamped tight.

Richard, Paul and the Guard investigating the problem.

Adjustments made and with the engine run round and re-coupled ready for the return to Cheltenham, the brakes on the coach could be released and a test made.

Servicing the diesel shunters

Late in the day, Chris Bagley came in to service the 03 and 04 shunters that are based at Winchcombe.

Both are owned by Chris, and we are very grateful to him that we have this facility to enable us to perform all our shunting activities.

Chris was once our Head of Permanent Way and got us to Cheltenham.

He currently holds this post on the Severn Valley Railway.

Not all went to plan though - he turned up to discover that there were no doughnuts! Arrrgh!

It had to be jam tarts instead. Sorry Chris!


Paul Wood said...

IT is a good job Grens Margaret does not have a computer, with Gren op that ladder Dave

Fingers X'd Paul

Richard Johnson said...


Tell Margaret its just a bit of trick photography. When the photo was taken he was actually standing in the messroom eating a cake