Sunday, 17 June 2012

Saturday June 16th

Although several signed in early today it was a slow start to the work. This was mainly due to the lack of available things to do!

Yes read that again.

The problem is that with 2 carriages we were intending to work on now out of commission that left the TPO carriage in the platform 2 bay but with decidedly poor weather there was no action possible there.

That only left 4790 until we could complete the shut of CK 16195 started during the week.

Paul with Chris Taylor's assistance continued the cleaning and preparation of the Maroon Rake ready for next week when it will get a 2 day run out while we endeavour to fix some issues on the Chocolate and Cream rake that can't be fixed while it's in service. Shucks can't use that excuse for another ride on the train.

4790 has also reached rather a stall point externally as the doors and there surround again become the critical path. John Hamer arrived, debated and left in search of some suitable capping strips for the door frames. His research has already been extensive and hopefully will soon be fruitful. A big thank you John.

Cheryl did find a section of first top coat on the wall side to complete.

After that she joined Nikki working on the end of the Monster Van.

No Nikki hasn't got another new hairdo it just evidence of how win dy it was today!

My efforts to encourage entries for the photo competition have started to have a little success. Nikki departing with some of the loco squad to take some shots for her entries.

Once the days scheduled loco and that being readied for the 'Silver Fire and Drive' course were out of the way Phil Salter was at the controls of the diesel and Andy Thompson with his guards hat on the shunting was soon under way.

Richard was in full guards uniform and disappeared of to Toddington on the DMU for the day. I suppose it would have been a bit OTT to control the shunt in full uniform.

With CK16195 in the barn there was, figuratively an expulsion of activity. Bob Mac set about the roof which will need complete removal of the bitumen paint that is flaking badly,

Andy Thompson

and Bob Keyte set about the sides and all with sanders in hand there was a noise explosion!

Also contributing to the noise was John Squires with the angle grinder removing the inevitable rusted corner section.

With one of the loco teams also working in the barn on 2807 it was a veritable hive of activity.

Dave Clark, between cleaning up in the workshop and writing up the jobs list on the white board, took the first party of the Fire and Drive course on a tour of the workshop.

This was followed by John Squires, with the second group. Both enjoying the relative peace of a quite workshop.

The only people making any noise there was Steve Barnfield and myself.

Steve was making great progress on the corridor entrance to the main vestibule on 4790 getting the surround timber work sorted and starting to line up the door slider track top and bottom.

He also fitted the first set of heater pipe grills back in place along with the single seat end.

With John Osborn they agreed an adjustment to the seat frame John made last week to provide more clearance for the under seat pipe work. Ben then prepared the frame for John to re-weld and repainted it afterwards.

Having fixed the covers to the carriage end electrical connections and lightly sanded the end, I gave the end another coat of black. I then took on the refitting of the rest of the heater pipe grills only to find that most of them had lost there hinges. After a search and a fight with the pop rivet gun, I lost it took a bit out of my finger, ouch! ouch! ouch! I did eventually get all but one replaced. I will have to find the last pair of hinges next week.

Phil completed the wiring under 4790.

Now we have to find the battery box doors.

Anybody know where they got put when we brought the carriage in?

Out in the calm of the upholstry van John Hill completed the first of the seat bases for the first class compartments of 7221. Well almost, there is a little bit of sewing for Penny to finish on one corner.

They have between them already completed the seat back and arm rests. Last time I saw these was a few weeks ago when I helped to strip the old cloth from the back, what a transformation. Great job!

In the end work moved ahead at a good rate.

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