Thursday, 28 June 2012

Thursday June 28th Tabling a Motion

I know it's the AGM tonight at the race course. However we had our own set of tables to deal with today. In theory some of these tables are to replace those in SO 4790.

Having looked at them and John Hamer having taken the tape measure to them we seem to be in doubt about the advantages of using them. We will have to clarify that later.

Our first job was to clean them up as they appeared to have been left out for a while. Several we're rather green and all were dirty.

So a small squad washed them all and sorted the badly damaged ones out to a separate pile. We just got finished before the thunder cracked and the rain hammered down, fortunate.

John Hamer obtained some new capping strips earlier in the week. We did look at fitting one to the workshop side double doors. Having adjusted the length of top trim over the doors and lined the strip up it looks like we need to groove the wood insert to seat the capping correctly. Another thing to check before we can proceed. So frustratingly another day with little progress on 4790. Except I did paint the two little communication cord flags red. Wow.

Fortunately on Wednesday they did get the panelling finished at the end on the carriage. 

They also fitted the new single seat in the corner of the campartment.

It is swings and roundabouts of course because lots of progress was made on CK 16195. First Malcolm finished cleaning the roof and started on the painting while Tony Barnard removed the first of the sliding compartment doors and spent the day stripping it down and sanding all the wood trimmings.

The windows in this carriage are double glazed but several are 'blown'. One has been removed, (last Saturday), to investigate the options either split the units and make them single glazed, this needs extra wide rubber filling strip or get new double glazed units. Another decision to be made.

The unit chosen was also in the window with a broken top opening slide window. It is the left hand frame that is broken not the glass. First attempts to remove the window mount bars to remove it failed and the suggestion was made to remove the whole frame so that it could be dealt with on the work bench.

This is the first carriage with this type of frame we have dealt with and it was soon apparent that removing the frame was not the way forward.

Returning to the original plan eventually two screws were removed and the other two were drilled out.

This may look strange but there is a work platform just out of picture with allthe tools on it.

Here you might think the saga was over, but no! A search of the storage vans failed to find a suitable replacement.

Several options were considered but none were really suitable. So a final look round found a single slider unit in the corner of another carriage. The carriage had a complete set so why it was there we don't know. All we cared was that it was not only the correct style, the correct size, it was also the correct one of the pair! They are handed left and right. How lucky can you get.

Ken was quickly into the clean up of the window.

Rod and Robin continued with the compartments removing the wall light fittings for cleaning and washing ceilings. Here Rod puzzles over the whole in the ceiling and how to repair it. The hole is the result of the lighting being converted to strip lights from 2 bulbs.

John was on a good run of finding things and came up with another section of ceiling in one of the storage vans. Rod was soon making a new patch.

During the morning Nikki and Cheryl were again cleaning and painting bits of the Monster Van.

After that Cheryl went to watch the tennis and Nikki started her first welding lesson under the tutorledge of John Osborn.

When the storm was over the sun came out and turned hot prompting Dave to head for the station and the TPO van in the platform 2 bay.

It is defiantly suffering from measles now. If we can get a whole fine day May be we can get the top coat out!

Paul with assistance from Ron finshed washing the side of the Chocolate and Cream set despite interuptions from John Hamer and myself investigation the water system on the RBr.

Paul was then away to the Maroon set with a group continuing the internal spruse up. Ready for some special runs when the track re-opens.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Saturday June 24th Success

I was only in for the morning session as my wife wanted to visit a wind farm open day happening not far from our house. So thanks to Dave Clark for the report of the days efforts.

A very busy day for which the Beatles' song "Here, There and Everywhere" could be a very apt description, with C&W staff scattered all over the site, and even at Toddington.

Dennis Richards started the day with his usual checking and servicing on the Maroon rake, but by late morning he had become the stand-in guard for the Diesel Driver Experience train being run on the northern section of the railway.

Paul Wood did his usual check of the Chocolate and Cream rake before the first service train departed from Winchcombe.

SO 4790 Some very good progress was made today.

Peter renewed his efforts to secure part of the communication cord apparatus to the coach body, and this time was rewarded with success.

Also at this end of the coach, Richard and Ken serviced the buckeye coupling, vacuum hose and other nearby fittings.

Richard then re-taped the coach end ready for the black paintwork to be completed and the relevant transfers applied.

Martin started the day by fixing three more of the large seat side panels in the Park end compartment, which he then lightly sanded before applying another coat of varnish.

Further varnish was also applied to the previously fitted side panels in this compartment.

Eddie Paddon popped in during the morning and indicated a section of veneer panelling that needed re-colouring.

Martin duly removed the old varnish with paint stripper and a light sand to leave a nice clean surface for Eddie to apply fresh wood stain next Wednesday.

Amongst many other jobs, Phil Salter had a frustrating time trying to remove an unwanted section of metal bar above the wallside double doorway, which eventually required the use of the angle grinder.

Initially Steve worked in the Park end of the coach, both in the vestibule and new disabled area. He later moved on to the Barn end, and attached the wooden sills for both side doors - rubber inserts will later be glued in the recess of each sill.

Ben cut out and prepared some more parts for the new single corner seat in the disabled area

CK 16195 There was quite a bit of effort on the maroon CK during the day, the early part of which was somewhat noisy with Malcolm stripping more of the roof using the air chisel.

However this essential work, done by both Malcolm and Bob Mac, is almost completed and a coat of etch priming paint is gradually being added. When done, several coats of the black high-build roof paint will be applied.

Phil Jones made a start using sugar soap and by the end of the day had completed the Yard end vestibule, three of the first class compartments and about a third of the corridor. An excellent start.

John Squires continued the job that Ken had begun on Thursday to remove the remaining securing screws and nuts of the Workshop end corridor connection.

The discovery of corrosion all round the connection means that it will have to be removed completely rather than just eased back, as was done with SO 4790.

This will require the services of Steve Warren with the JCB and chains as was done with BSO 9000.

Some heavier action was required by John to tackle some parts!

The discovery of corrosion at the bases of the crash pillars means that the interior panelling will also need removing, and Ben and grandfather John got to work on this.

On one of the nearby doors, Ken began removing the lock prior to taking off the very worn underlying panel.

Also during the day, Richard and John Hill walked through the coach to assess the upholstery requirements. The first class seating is generally in very good condition with just a loose single drop-arm to repair. The second class seating will require much more work, with the seat bases and many of the arm rests in a very worn condition.

CK 7221

Although this vehicle is currently moth-balled, John Hill is continuing with the re-upholstering of all the previously removed first class seating. The material being used looks very smart.

That's another moquette!

Monster Van

The weather enabled Grenville and Bob Keyte to get back out to the Monster Van.

With undercoating on the planking at this end completed, Grenville applied a top coat of black. This end of the van is looking very good. Just need some tyre black on that hose to complete the job.

The other end still requires a number of repairs to the planking before any painting can be started.

Bob resumed his cleaning up and preparation of the south side. The bases of two of the metal window surrounds were re-secured with some new screws, and some bridging filler added where required. Bob then continued undercoating.

Chocolate and Cream rake problem

We received a report in the morning that some of the brake blocks under BSO 9000 were not binding when braking had been fully applied. The cause was that on the bogie concerned some brand new blocks had just been added but to one wheel only, which meant that the worn blocks on the other wheel were left suspended when the former clamped tight.

Richard, Paul and the Guard investigating the problem.

Adjustments made and with the engine run round and re-coupled ready for the return to Cheltenham, the brakes on the coach could be released and a test made.

Servicing the diesel shunters

Late in the day, Chris Bagley came in to service the 03 and 04 shunters that are based at Winchcombe.

Both are owned by Chris, and we are very grateful to him that we have this facility to enable us to perform all our shunting activities.

Chris was once our Head of Permanent Way and got us to Cheltenham.

He currently holds this post on the Severn Valley Railway.

Not all went to plan though - he turned up to discover that there were no doughnuts! Arrrgh!

It had to be jam tarts instead. Sorry Chris!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Thursday June 21st

The longest day was a long day for me.

I spent much of the day trying to fit the communication cords external connection cover. Easy 3 bolts.

Easy that is until the drill shattered as I drilled the last hole. I couldn't drill it out so I think I will start again on Saturday and move the mount bracket which will allow me to move the cover enough to start afresh with new holes all round. Oh well.

I guess when you ride the train you tend to get and sit down in the that carriage but do you ever look at the others INSIDE?

I also took a long walk one end of the Chocolate and Cream rake to the other. Now without scrolling down how many different moquettes are used in the current carriages on this rake?

John Osborn was the only other person working on 4790 today cutting some brackets for the new single corner seat.

With the rain on and off all day there was no point in tackling the PO van or the Monster Van. So it was a quick dash to the Chocolate and Cream rake between the showers to deal with more of the maintenance jobs while it is out of service.

Robin was busy dealing with a large scratch in the veneer.

Rod and Dave took on the disabled area washing the area and then doing a little touch up painting. Paul led a wash and brush up team working there way through the carriages. While Nikki dealt with some door trim issues.

On CK 16195 Malcolm had a go at the roof continuing from where Bob Mac left off. The pummelling you get from the air chisel final took its toll and Malcolm changed to a paintbrush a finished the day priming the cleaned area.

Jeff took over the sanding on the side completing the section to the third of the four side doors.

While Ken started on the 44 screws that secure the flexible corridor connection to the carriage. At a guess he has loosened about 30-35 of the them. This enable the flexible section to be clamped out of the way and allows enough space for the welding to be done without the need to remove the very heavy corridor connection frame.

The Moquettes?

There are 6 in 7 carriages!!!

and the Restaurant Car has 2 different type of chair as well.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wednesday June 20th

Our thanks to Russ for this report.

The emphasis this week is on the C&W Maintenance Team who were engaged in servicing the choc. & cream set. This had been taken out of service for a couple of days, being replaced by the maroon set.  

Steve Smith concentrated on sorting out a couple of electrical queries.

One of them related to why the dynamo does not charge this particular carriage when in normal service running.

The reason turns out to be that the design of that system means that it only kicks in when the speed of the train exceeds 28 m.p.h. That is not too often on our line with its Heritage Railway 25 MPH restriction!  

The specific gravity + the level of electrolite was checked for each cell in each battery on each carriage.

The brakes required adjusting on some of the carriages.

This can lead to a lots of huffing and puffing.

There are 3 different systems in use on different carriages in this particular rake. Each system requires specialist knowledge relating to their adjustment.

Is this a push pull carriage?

Look at the picture closely.

Somebody  always get to sit around (this time its Clive).

Clive Thomas topped up the oil in the reservoirs for each axle of each carriage. 

The Upholstery Team of Penny and Dave Dron and John Hill came on board the choc & cream service rake for part of the day.

They checked the condition of all the seats, and did jobs such as securing loose staples, cutting off loose threads, etc.

Thanks again to Russ for the pictures and report.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Saturday June 16th

Although several signed in early today it was a slow start to the work. This was mainly due to the lack of available things to do!

Yes read that again.

The problem is that with 2 carriages we were intending to work on now out of commission that left the TPO carriage in the platform 2 bay but with decidedly poor weather there was no action possible there.

That only left 4790 until we could complete the shut of CK 16195 started during the week.

Paul with Chris Taylor's assistance continued the cleaning and preparation of the Maroon Rake ready for next week when it will get a 2 day run out while we endeavour to fix some issues on the Chocolate and Cream rake that can't be fixed while it's in service. Shucks can't use that excuse for another ride on the train.

4790 has also reached rather a stall point externally as the doors and there surround again become the critical path. John Hamer arrived, debated and left in search of some suitable capping strips for the door frames. His research has already been extensive and hopefully will soon be fruitful. A big thank you John.

Cheryl did find a section of first top coat on the wall side to complete.

After that she joined Nikki working on the end of the Monster Van.

No Nikki hasn't got another new hairdo it just evidence of how win dy it was today!

My efforts to encourage entries for the photo competition have started to have a little success. Nikki departing with some of the loco squad to take some shots for her entries.

Once the days scheduled loco and that being readied for the 'Silver Fire and Drive' course were out of the way Phil Salter was at the controls of the diesel and Andy Thompson with his guards hat on the shunting was soon under way.

Richard was in full guards uniform and disappeared of to Toddington on the DMU for the day. I suppose it would have been a bit OTT to control the shunt in full uniform.

With CK16195 in the barn there was, figuratively an expulsion of activity. Bob Mac set about the roof which will need complete removal of the bitumen paint that is flaking badly,

Andy Thompson

and Bob Keyte set about the sides and all with sanders in hand there was a noise explosion!

Also contributing to the noise was John Squires with the angle grinder removing the inevitable rusted corner section.

With one of the loco teams also working in the barn on 2807 it was a veritable hive of activity.

Dave Clark, between cleaning up in the workshop and writing up the jobs list on the white board, took the first party of the Fire and Drive course on a tour of the workshop.

This was followed by John Squires, with the second group. Both enjoying the relative peace of a quite workshop.

The only people making any noise there was Steve Barnfield and myself.

Steve was making great progress on the corridor entrance to the main vestibule on 4790 getting the surround timber work sorted and starting to line up the door slider track top and bottom.

He also fitted the first set of heater pipe grills back in place along with the single seat end.

With John Osborn they agreed an adjustment to the seat frame John made last week to provide more clearance for the under seat pipe work. Ben then prepared the frame for John to re-weld and repainted it afterwards.

Having fixed the covers to the carriage end electrical connections and lightly sanded the end, I gave the end another coat of black. I then took on the refitting of the rest of the heater pipe grills only to find that most of them had lost there hinges. After a search and a fight with the pop rivet gun, I lost it took a bit out of my finger, ouch! ouch! ouch! I did eventually get all but one replaced. I will have to find the last pair of hinges next week.

Phil completed the wiring under 4790.

Now we have to find the battery box doors.

Anybody know where they got put when we brought the carriage in?

Out in the calm of the upholstry van John Hill completed the first of the seat bases for the first class compartments of 7221. Well almost, there is a little bit of sewing for Penny to finish on one corner.

They have between them already completed the seat back and arm rests. Last time I saw these was a few weeks ago when I helped to strip the old cloth from the back, what a transformation. Great job!

In the end work moved ahead at a good rate.