Thursday, 24 May 2012

Wednesday May 23rd. Details

As important as any work is when restoring anything it is made or spoilt by the little details.

Today gives us the opportunity to identify some of those details.

First up is Dave Dron fixing the seat numbers back in place on the completed seats in the SO 4790

Then John Hill working away on the upholstery for a 1st class seat. Getting the pattern to line up and be consistent seat by seat is the sort thing that can easily be forgotten an requires great care.   (note the above picture)

Bob Mac made a welcome re-appearance from his signalman duties of Saturday. He re-painted part of the roof of CK 7221.

The door referred to in last Saturday's blog was re-hung. The new capping strip fitted by John Hamer can be seen painted in primer, underneath the hinges. Getting this all positioned is a painstaking job that needs millimetre accuracy when manoeuvring a very heavy door by hand. Get the position wrong and the doors will either not shut or open properly or will just stick solid. We are fortunate to have a very technically able door team.

The adjoining double door had to be removed in preparation for the capping strip to be fitted to that side. A very heavy item, it is here seen in the capable hands of John Groom, Ralph Pickstone, Derek O'Brien, and Mike Blackman.

Eddie Paddon and Michael Jackson are seen preparing and re-staining one of the sliding doors.

Eddie spent several weeks mixing various batches of stain until he got one just right so that the 'new' blended in perfectly with the 'old'. So often the difference stands out like a sore thumb.

Not Here.

The new aluminium capping strip for the door edge at the barn end of the workshop side, & John Hamer fixing it in place. Another point where the spacing between door and capping has to be correct or doors just don't open properly.

Sadly when the strip was positioned the spacing proved to be wrong and will have to be adjusted before further progress is possible here.

Maurice Norman was involved in sanding down items of varnished timber from TSO 4869.     

Seeing those capping strips in place will have the painters leaping for joy. It very much signals the point at which they can really get to work. 

Our thanks again the Russ Smith for the pictures and details for today's report.

A great job all round.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see a shot of ck7221 in the workshop. When I saw it it had bars across the windows on the doors... I presume to stop people taking their heads off, leaning out the slide windows.. Was this an after thought from BR days, and will you be removing them?

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

The carriage with bars is TSO 4869 it's currently on the jack road in the barn and in late BR intercity colours. this has bars on the window to meet later BR safety regs. we will almost certainly remove them.

CK 7221 is still outside on the garden road. It is in aBlue and white colour scheme at present.

Anonymous said...

Note the numbers 7221 and 4869 crossed in original