Thursday, 10 May 2012

Thursday May 9th

I think the Wednesday group must be feeling sorry for me. They left in very prominent positions some of the work they completed yesterday so that I wouldn't miss it.

This was in the form several sections of newly varnished and trimmed sections of panelling for 4790. This being the largest complete section while an even larger section destined for the saloon entrance was placed on the bench.

Then prominent on a workbench was a chair clamped together having been re glued. I'm note sure where this is from but its not 4790. I'm guessing its for an RBr.

More work has been carried out on the double doors wall side. So today Pete Lucas was able to carry out some more painting preparatory work. (that's a fancy way of saying more sanding and filling)

Pete was also able to apply some actual paint to the other side of the entrance and corner which is now just about ready for undercoating once those capping strips are in place.

I spent the day fitting the strip over the doors on the other side. John Squires had started to fit this late on Saturday only to find the strip in position stopped the door opening. Oops!!!!

So today was spent gently trimming it and the existing body work until the door would open with a reasonable gap. (picture by Rod Wells thanks)

At the other end of the carriage Jeff Brodrick was like Pete Lucus carry out some more painting preparatory work. It  made a change for sorting nuts and bolts in the store which Jeff has been doing for the last few weeks. I can report how well he has done it to. I actually found the screws I was looking for first time today. Thanks Jeff.

Ron Bennett made major advances fixing the corridor connector at that end of the carriage.
having started by positioning the wooden bars its 44 screws to attach the connection and you can't get a proper screw driver on any of them. (I know I took them out).

Inside 4790 Rod and Cheryl carried on cleaning the luggage racks and Rod applied a covering of plastic to stop them getting covered in dust again. 

Dave has reinstated the white board with a list of some key jobs.

The last entry says

6/. newly primed seat framing in west
end please paint black.

So in the true spirit of C&W here John Hughes  is painting them.....


This was in fact an additional coat of undercoat and in the afternoon John did paint them black.

So Dave can rub that one of his list. (sense of great satisfaction all round a job done)

While doing the painting John realised how loose the grills were and after a discussion with the man who knows about these things (John Hamer) there is now a new entry for Dave's board 'refix grills under seats'.

John Hamer having returned nicely tanned from holiday was endeavouring to keep it topped up by undertaking several jobs round the yard today. A new battery for the RBr generator, which then refused to start, which was probably why the old battery was flat in the first place.

Then he had a trip to the Elegant Excursion Kitchen car to deal with a loose section of guttering. John had also made an emergency visit earlier in the week to replace a door window that suddenly shattered on Saturday night. The replacement did have a chip in it but John said that was OK as you expect chips in a Kitchen Car. .--- nice one John.

(hay don't blame me I only report them)

Further preparatory investigations on 4869 revealed more horrors such as several holes in the roof. What is puzzling is that with such hole you would expect the interior ceiling to be a mess but it not it look good.

However, the lower walls are worse than was expected as are the state of the window surrounds. Our aim was to make this carriage water tight for the moment rather do any major work on it.

Unfortunately the more we look the more difficult it is to achieve the first with the second.

Dave was doing his usual rubbish job, emptying bins tidying up behind us etc and while Paul and Ron Woodruff were both rushing about, being up on the gantry I didn't actually catch up with what they were doing (note to self ask next time). During the day we did muster all hands to move the wood planking to storage from the workshop.

Paul leads the way with Joh  Hamer and Dave bringing up the rear. This stuff is hard wood and really does need three the carry it. I volunteered to take the pictures.

I do know Pete Fisher completed the creation of the panel bracket for the west end corridor connection and John Osborn tidied up the east end wall side door entrance ready for the wood pillars and capping strips. We also measured up the heater pipe cover for the disabled section. This will be an intricate bit of welding for Ben on Saturday by the look of it. All under the watchful eye of Granddad John.

With thirteen volunteers in total we had a good day and can start to see the light with the progress on 4790.

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