Thursday, 3 May 2012

Thursday May 3rd.

As Russ came in today and not yesterday I was playing spot the work completed on Wednesday again. This isn't always an easy game.

What I did spot was that the upholstery team had applied the seat capping strips in SO 4790. I hope they can apply the seat numbers without having to take them off again.

and that some more work has been done in mounting one of the wall side double doors. These doors are very heavy and heaving them into place is a multi person job.

Also present was the kitchen unit for the PWay Mess Coach. They are going to need that soon with Chicken Curve to relay.

They will be able to roast the Chicken first now.

Today was one of those days where the damp seeps in without it really raining a lot and Dave and I took quite along time looking round at things done and to be done.

On SO 4790 we seem to have hit another block where we are waiting on one thing before several others can be addressed and there are several 'one things' to be dealt with.

The communication cord fittings on the west end need four small mounting studs positioned
and the vacuum pipe connected before a lot more can be done on the end.

The wood pillars need making and fitting so that the capping strips can be put on and the doors finally mounted so that the painting can start in earnest. We did make some progress on this chain today as John Osborn was able fit a metal trim strip above the double doors on the wall side. This means the top wood rail over the doors can now be fitted which in turn will allow the doors pillars etc. This game is known as 'consequences' or professionally as 'Critical Path Analysis' either way we are still stuck.

Russ did make progress tidying up under the last window refitted with some filling and rubbing down.

After spending the morning assisting Paul with some carriage maintenance. Ron stripped the locking bar from the double door on the workshop side cleaning it all up and giving it a coat of red oxide.

Inside John Hughes was continuing the cleaning of the luggage racks.

I sized up the heating pipe cover situation. Having removed a block of seats for wheelchair users access. This will leave a gap in the heating pipe covers. A gap that has to be bridged. I measured the gap now exposed approx 118 cms. 

As we emptied a load of covers on Saturday from TSO 4869 I went out to the Monster Van and had a count up, 29 curved covers. We need 16 for a carriage so 13 spares and in a mesh pattern that matches 4790's covers. 2 covers are 140cms so cut down and welded together they will give us a cover that matches the existing and will 'look' original. So I took 2 and cleaned them up and hit them with a hammer. (straightened them).

While doing so I noticed Pete Fishers cut metal for the brackets he is making for the corridor entrance panelling. He had made one up and as John Osborn had the big hand press in operation. I got him to put the right angle bend in the rest to match so Pete can get on with the welding on Saturday.

First you have to line things up in the press.

Then you give it some wellie.

This is a real action picture!!

and hey presto.

They are already for welding.

This is another of those chains. The brackets couldn't be positioned because the surrounding metal was about a centimetre to large. So I trimmed that back as well and Pete should have a clear run at the welding.

John Osborn also sorted out the alignment issue I highlighted last Saturday. It involved cutting a section of weld inserting a spacer plate ad re welding

and after a bit more edge trimming the door edge in ready for the pillar insert to be fitted etc etc.

Also at that end of the carriage Ron Bennett was cleaning up the threads of a series of studs prior to refitting the wood surround for the east end corridor connection.

Out in 4869 some more clearance and cleaning was taking place. Along with a securing rail being fixed for the loose window. Tony Barnard and John Hughes carried out an inspection behind the lower panelling revealed bad news.

Sorry for the poor quaty ofthe picture we have no lights rigged in the carriage yet and I only had my phone with me for pictures.

This carriage has 'insulation' unfortunately that insulation hold the water/condense what ever and that rots the wood and the metal. There will be a lot of replacement work to do on this! It all make work to the volunteers to do.

Mentioning work Jeff Brodrick continued his sterling efforts to sort the nuts, bolts, screws and everything else in the store cupboard. Well done Jeff.


Anonymous said...

Hi, will it be ck7221 or 4869 next out shopped? Which one r u planning to do first ?

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Next into the workshop is CK 7221 when 4790 goes to the jack road for bogey work. 4869 is due to replace 7221 out side the workshop on what is often referred to as the garden road. as such we won't be doing any major external repairs to it yet. That is the theory at the moment.