Thursday, 31 May 2012

Thursday May 31st - Bits and Pieces

We had lots of different things going on today and unusually very little sanding and filling.

On 4790 Rod Wells had another go with his line measuring stick on the wall side car park end.

He taped up the corner and then got the undercoat paint out and starting with the chocolate top band worked his way down

doing the cream after lunch

 and returning to complete the area with the bottom chocolate band after tea.

He along with many others also consumed a slice of chocolate cake during the breaks!

Thanks to my wife for making it yesterday along with a very tasty Apple and Sultana cake.

You never go hungry in C and W.

Also in shot here is the vacuum connection pipe for the emergency cord system. After much puzzling I still don't know how a pipe that came off the carriage is an inch to long to go back on in the same place. So after assembling and dismantling the system several times and with John Hamer's assistance the system is now connected!

At the other end Ron Bennett having struggled to get the scaffold tower in position continued with the re instalment of the corridor connector.

John Hamer also returned to the issue of the capping strip on the opposite corner. After some discussion with Chris they decided on a way forward to correct the problem. While he was there he also sorted the other side of the door to ensure the capping strip will fit that side as well.

Earlier he had been one of several 'moth balling' 4869 ready to shunt it back outside. The initial investigations revealed there is far to much to do on the carriage at the moment as we only have a short time slot available before we need to move 4790 out to the barn. While it has been in Bob Mac and Malcolm have managed to clean repair and repaint the roof  which was one of the criteria for bringing it in the first place, so well done both.

Jeff Brodrick Moth balling, it makes a change from sorting the store room screws. Even Dave was at it with the tape.

Chris and Nikki were busy outside on the Monster van cutting out and replacing rotten planking and cleaning up more of the fittings. Above before and below after.

Another team gathered on platform 2 to do some more work on the Post Office Van in the bay platform.

John Osborn having fixed some mount brackets in the wheel chair area of 4790
  he completed the second of the relay box covers for S & T and has a third cut out ready for folding and assembly on Saturday.

7221 also got some more internal attention with some of the compartment panelling being removed ready to provide access for the repairers to start.                                                                     
We did also have another unusual task to complete today. A new top girder for the hoist arrived and had to be moved into the workshop. We still have to move the support legs from the yard. When assembled it will enhance our abilities to overhaul the bogies.    In total 17 volunteers attended today and had a very varied time.

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