Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thursday May 24th A Red Hot Day

Being warm first thing there was no shortage of volunteers to help with washing the train before its first run of the day.

Foremark Hall prepares for the first run.

In total we had 11 volunteers signed. After Cheryl departed with friends having given them a tour of the workshop, the team split in two.

One group opting for the sunshine and the Royal Mail carriage on platform 2. The work on the carriage is largely cosmetic to tidy it up but this has to be done mid-week when there aren't to many people milling around on the platform. Come Saturday with Thomas in action it will be very crowded and wet paint will not be a good idea.

I did tell them to put the factor 50 on themselves first but would they listen, bright orange all of them.

The other group continued with work on SO 4790 in the church like cool of the workshop.

Robin finished the heater grill move and painted them. We did have to drill a few screws out and replace them, but the job was finished.

Ken tackled some more filling and sanding starting of the barn end. He smoothed over the joins of the new corner to the old body panel then dealt with the new screw fixings under one of the windows.

Following Ken was Pete Lucus who later gave the window section a coat of cream undercoat.

Pete had started the day (pictured here) filling and sanding the area adjacent to the new capping strip by the double door.

While Ken returned to the original corner and applied a coat of grey undercoat.

Rod Wells finally got to try out his new measuring stick to position the tape for the lining.

Ken returned to the original corner and applied a coat of grey undercoat.

John Hughes did venture outside for a while to do some work on the fittings of the Monster Van.

John Osborn started out looking at a job for S and T. He will need to find one of his 'special tools' to complete the job for them, so that will have to wait until Saturday.

John is here preparing to start dealing with a job left by John Hamer to fix in place the nuts holding the second door. I sorted out an issue with the capping strip over the door where there wasn't sufficient clearance. There is now.

Ron Bennett completed the re attachment of the corridor connector at the barn end. This a tricky job as you can't get a screw driver in and have to use an adapted socket wrench.

As the day wore on and the heat rose it was declared an ice cream day. The sales in the station cafe had a sudden sales burst. Thus those on the platform did avoid sunburn.


Anonymous said...

Kens ard.. He never wears a mask when sandin lol

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Peter. Thanks for giving such good info on what the C & w is getting up to