Friday, 18 May 2012

Thursday May 17th A hectic day

First an apology and a warning!

Sorry about the delay in publishing the Blog about yesterday's work. I had to leave the hive of activity at 4:00 o'clock to get to a church meeting and didn't get home from that until 10:00 o'clock.

Now if you think health and safety rules and regulations are heavy handed and OTT may I suggest you thrown yourself into them and enjoy. The meeting I attended was on the other hot topic of the day 'Child Protection' which remember means anyone under 18. This is now extended to 'Vulnerable Adults' which is less easily defined but could embrace anyone mad enough to work on a Heritage Railway. Doh, now I'm in trouble your not allowed to abuse vulnerable adults, Sorry!!

They are both important but they both suffer from a backdrop mentality of prevent yourself or your organisation being sued.

So if I abuse anyone I put it down to being a vulnerable adult - what was that a silly old fool.

Oh I forgot rant at the top!

So what did we do in C&W yesterday?

LOTS. With 15 signed in the place was a buzz of teamwork in 2 main areas both on SO 4790.

The grill move was just about completed with
a host of people helping out.
It may look like John and Robin are looking for some loose change (the speed of the hand) to help out with the Chicken Curve rebuild but they are relocating the under seat heating grills to a better position.

Some were damaged so John Hamer was busy finding replacements or getting John Osborn to repair or modify them as they were removed.
The other main area of activity was the entrance vestibule at the car park end. Held up just for moment as Ken Reeves (hooray he's not called John. Mind you it could be easier if he were for us old vulnerable adults) was introduced to Steve Barnfield by Dave Clark.

If you think you have seen him before you could be right. Ken joins us from the Broadway Group and you will have seen him on their Blog.

Introductions over, Ken was into action filling and sanding.

Steve spent much of the day trimming and fitting  the floor supports and edging in the vestibule assisted here by John Hamer cutting back a base bracket to the correct position to accommodate the wood.

By the end of the day the surround and centre bar were in place. Thanks to Rod for this picture taken after I left.

Rod also got this shot of Dave actually doing some work. He also did sanding and repainted the corner in red oxide covering the various patches applied recently.

Sorry Dave the disguise didn't hide the fact you did some work other than tour guide and sweeping up behind the rest of us.

Jeff Brodrick has just about completed the sorting of the nuts bolts etc. (anyone got a few jars of screws for him to sort).
Paul Wood with others ? started the day washing the main rake in the platform. As it hasn't been done for a while it was bad and only the first 2 carriages were complete. Perhaps we should have a concerted effort Saturday morning.

As the weather was fine Ron Woodruff spent the day working on the Royal Mail coach in the platform 2 bay. Should that be called platform 2a or 3.

Tony Barnard was back in again and giving  a top coat of paint to the sliding doors he prepared and undercoated yesterday.

Rod, when not taking sneaky Blog pictures out of the window was attending to some varnishing over the gangway entrance to the seating areas.

I finished the day at Winchcombe having fitted the right hand side of the communication cord system and and prepared the left hand side for final fitting. I was somewhat relieved to find that when I drilled the hole through the new end panel it lined up with the cord system inside the carriage. There was no particular reason for it not but it was still a relief.


Roger said...

Hi Pete,
The main rake had been washed (Cotswold side) on the Monday. As it had been in almost continuous use for nearly a fortnight it was very dirty!

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

I guess with the weather we have at the moment the smoke and muck from the engine is sticking. they certainly needed it again by Thursday. But well done for your efforst on Monday.