Friday, 18 May 2012

Wednesday May 16th Seat and Door Frames

With a push to move 4790 forward the doors were inevitable the main focus of the day.

However, we should never forget the importance of the seating and upholstery panelling.

Penny & Dave Dron replacing both the plywood frame and the upholstery material from sides of seats and their arms.

The frame was in surprisingly poor condition on this one, and a new plywood one was waiting to take its place.

The foam cushioning, too, was not fit for anything other than the bin, and was going to need replacing. Bits of the fragmented foam are resting in Penny's hand.

So pretty much they made completly new ones.

We are so lucky have such skills avaialable in C&W. Well done and Thanks.

Interestingly, the object on the R/H side of the underneath of this seat frame was thought to be the remains of a wasp's nest. We encounter everything here.

Craig Dyer was doing the preliminary work - involving accurate measurements - ready for the making of a metal trim to go around the edge of the side panel where it meets one of the double doors on 4790.

Derek O'Brien was involved for a time in removing the remains of the rubber buffer strip inserted into the entrance-way to middle doors wall side, ready to take its replacement. 

We have new D shaped rubber trim strip to replace the old and perished rubber.

Steve Smith working on filing out the holes to take the fixings for one of the door hinges.  

Tony Barnard made another welcome appearance on a Wednesday. He was busy preparing one of the sliding corridor connection doors.

Here having finished the preperation he applied the undercoat.

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