Saturday, 12 May 2012

Saturday's activity

As I was out for my younger grand daughters birthday, six is a very important age apparently, Dave is sending in the report and pictures for Saturday.

- report from Dave Clark

We had 15 in today, and were at last blessed with some good dry sunny weather and thus able to get back outside. It was good to see Chris Taylor back in after he fell off his motorbike, and although suffering two broken ribs did some really great work during the day.
Monster Van
As always, Cheryl was first to start and concentrated on removing old flaking paint from the door hinges and handles. Later Bob joined her and continued the undercoating.

On the other side Grenville continued burning off the old paint. Grenville told me that, on Wednesday, Eddie had seen the car park end of the van and decided that the planking would have to be replaced as it was too far gone.

TSO 4869
No pictures of this but further news. John Hamer and Richard discussed the best way forward with 4869, which we have now discovered is in a far worse state than initially thought. The work on cleaning off the old roof paint will continue, with any holes temporarily repaired with flash band. All the windows will be sealed externally with mastic and then taped, to keep out any further water intrusion. Flaking and rusted bodywork will be similarly dealt with. These measures will enable the coach to be returned outside until its full restoration can be taken on board.

There was also a meeting with the chaps from the Diesel Department with regards to restoring the electric heating in 4869.

SO 4790
There was some more very good progress with this now long-running project.
John Hamer brought in a wheelchair which he has now left in the new disabled section - as with the ones that Richard had previously brought in, this will help with spacing, etc. Steve Barnfield suggested that there would in fact be enough room to fit a narrow shelf along the length of the area, along with a metal rail. Following a discussion with Richard, Eddie, Steve, John and myself, we will now proceed with this plan. We can then work out how to attach the two removable, cut-down tables. 

Meanwhile Peter Fisher continued welding on the new panel angle brackets at the car park end.

Some of the sections of grill to cover the steam heating pipes in the disabled area had to be cut to fit. John Osborn measures up two sections, before cutting off the excess and then welding them together.

The combined grill section in place.

On Thursday we discovered that some of the under seat heating grills were loose and needed fixing, and noted that the small sections of lino in front of all the grills were in a poor state. A brief discussion and the decision was made to move all the grills forward, and re-attach them level with the front of each seat and thus up against the good lino. They were then painted in silver Hammerite, and the overall result is a big improvement. Phil Jones took on this work and completed at least half of the Barn end compartment by the end of the day.

 One of the high priorities is to get the wooden door liners in place on the workshop side. This in turn would allow the door frame capping strips to be reinstated, and thus the painting could be restarted on this side. Both Steve and Chris rallied to the cause and all liners on this side are now in place - thanks guys, your rapid response was very much appreciated.


We then dug out the available capping strips, and Richard prepared a suitable one for the left side of the double door frame.

At the Barn end, various holes needed plating, and Ben tidies up a small patch plate that he had cut out earlier ready for Grandfather John to weld in place.

Phil Salter re-attached both of the large wooden internal frames to the car park end, at the same time channelling the internal wiring accordingly.

He then drilled a hole through the new panelling to enable the exterior electric connection to be reinstated.

After our afternoon tea break, Richard held a meeting in the Workshop with everyone to discuss the way forward with 4790 and see if we could speed up progress with this long running project. A long list was generated with various priorities, some of which I then wrote on our little white board for the Wednesday group.

Another Silver Fire and Drive

Once again C&W were visited by another Silver Fire and Drive course, in two groups of four, both of which I took round. In the picture, with the tours completed, the driver Tony Stockwell briefs the lucky participants prior to them leaving on their special train, which comprised the black 8F with attached Toad Guards Van.

More RBR 1672 snags resolved

Once again, John Hamer has done some excellent work to resolve two particularly annoying problems with our new RBR. The apparent problem with the generator not starting up was in fact the remote switch at fault - thankfully the generator itself is fine. The problem with the lights not behaving as they should turned out to be sticking relays. Well done John for sorting all this out.

Overall, this was a very satisfying day, with a lot achieved.

Not on the day but this superb piece of work turned out to be
A triumph for Nicky
One of Nicky Taylor's school projects was to produce a magazine. She decided to base her's on our railway, and what a triumph it turned out to be. The production, named the Coffee Pot after the auto train that used to run along our railway, is excellent and a delight to read. No guesses as to which department is featured across the centre spread! She was not only very highly commended, her magazine was also declared to be amongst the best of all those produced. I feel very pleased to own a copy. Well done Nicky!


A very happy Nicky gets a big hug from Cheryl.

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