Saturday, 5 May 2012

Saturday May 5th.

With 13 volunteers in action today there was opportunity for lots of progress and so it transpired.

The first issue was to deal with the escaping steam in the toilet service cupboard of one of the carriages in the main rake. Paul Woods, John Squires and Philip Salter headed of to the platform. While there thy also investigated an issue with the main water riser pump in the RBr. Having stripped it out they spent a lot of time dismantling it in the workshop to figure out what the problem is..

Steve Barnfield took on the wooden pillars for the double door fitting on during the day an making some good progress with the other. Here you can see the curve of the wood in the vice.

Grenville and Bob Keyte carried on with exterior of the Monster Van.

Grenville working on the end

and Bob starting with the window surrounds

and then starting on the brown undercoat.

For SO 4790

Peter Fisher carried on with the creation of the panelling brackets with 10 to make of one end and one to replace one removed at the other due to rust. There are a lot of mounting holes to drill and counter sink as well as the welding to get right so a job not to be hurried. By the time Peter left most of the drilling was done.

John Osborn started the day by addressing another alignment issue when everything looked fine until the door was mounted. Then the alignment didn't look quite right. After a lot of debate John cut and adjusted the side panel. It now look absolutely perfect, a great job John.

John also cut and prepared the capping strip over the workshop side double doors.

As I left John Squires was up the tower affixing the capping strip.

I spent the day working on the emergency cord system. This is largely made up of a series of rods strung across the carriage end. Having concluded fixing studs in the required mounting positions was a non starter I inspected the arrangement on TSO 4869 in the barn. This showed the correct solution.

Two thick mounting plates, one welded in position on either side of the end panel. Cutting the thick plate needed our old faithful metal saw.

Two thick mounting plates, one welded in position on either side of the end panel. Cutting the thick plate needed our old faithful metal saw.

It's as old as the carriages but set it up and away it goes. Fortunately I had the plates ready just as John finished the side panel so it was a simple job to move just round the corner and do the weld.

The plate fitted right up by the gutter.

A coat of red oxide and now it just remains to drill the plate tap the holes for the mounting bolts and drill the hole for the cord itself. Then it can all be assembled. Oh yes, remember there is also a little red flag indicator on the ends of the roding, I had to make one of those as well.

After some discussion with Steve about the heating pipe protective grills we realised that the two I retrieved Thursday We're a different height to the ones in the carriage. Doh!!! So it was back to the Monster Van and find a coupe that did match. Fortunately we do have some. So we are back on track with that.

John Hill was working away in the upholstery van but he did drop into the workshop for a discussion with Dave.

Rod spent the day attending to the finer points. Here cleaning and then reprinting a set of small nuts that affix some of the luggage racks.

Dennis Richards was again carrying out numerous checks on the operational rolling stock in the yard and on a brief visit to the Workshop stopped to check some of out tools as well.

A large note on the board reminds visitors of the last train back to Cheltenham.

A day with a lot of  very important steps along the route to completing 4790.


Anonymous said...

Hi, whenever I read this blog it amazes me the skill n dedication that goes into these restorations. It was great to see some before and after pics on the main website of a previous coach you did. When you say attention was needed on the main rake, is that the maroon set or chocolate set?
I find myself wanting to know everything when reading these blogs! So sorry if the question seems a bit irrelevant

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Sorry the main rake is the Chocolate nd Cream set. Being GWR minded it is the favoured colour scheme for the railway.