Sunday, 27 May 2012

Saturday May 28th coming together

As predicted the paint brushes were out today and a coat of paint makes a big visual difference.

Martin Jaunch started the day by completing the lining on the workshop side car park end and then moved onto undercoating the double door area with Cheryl, but the workshop was so hot the paint was drying to quickly. Dave ever watchful was also checking to see if any more filling was needed.

So the morning tea break provided a useful interval for the workshop to cool down a little with the doors wide open.

Later in the morning Martin took time out to show a very enthusiastic young man round the workshop along with his mum and little brother or sister (I should have asked, sorry) 2807 is just out of picture on the right.

With Thomas in action many of the C & W volunteers were carrying out there alternate duties, Richard Johnson and Bob Mac were both on Guard Duties while Richard Drewitt was driving 'Desiel' tussling with the troublesome trucks.

Steve Barnfield was working wonders of transformation inside SO 4790 fixing several large panels in position around the wheel chair area.

He followed that up by fitting the main vestibule floor in place.

after Pete Fisher had cut and drilled and fitted spacers to a top hat rail to provide central support to the floor.

Chris Nikki and Grenville carried out more restorative work to the Monster Van painting the side and replacing some rotten wood on the far side of the van hidden from the track.

Phil Jones was dealing with the metal fittings on the track side of the monster van.

Paul Wood and Dennis Richards went in search of more communication cord to replace the rusted section. Having located and retrieved some 50 plus feet (thanks). I used about two feet to complete the fitting of the cord system and after a test with Dennis to ensure it worked mechanically, there is no vacuum pipe connection yet to test effectiveness, it was declared job done.

So I joined in the painting by greying up the car park end of the carriage.

at the other end someone, well I don't see everything, was doing a grand job with the first coat of black

Dennis turned to replacing a worn out hose with a new one.

The workshop having cooled a little with the breeze blowing through Bob Keyte completed the undercoating on the workshop side at the car park end of 4790.

Ben proved he has learnt well from his grandfather (John Osborn) by making a lot of noise with hammer. This they call panel beating but he did straighten out the panel so good on you Ben.

He then patched an area on the Barn end of the carriage.

John having found his missing pieces of metal forming tools marked out and bent into tube three section of metal. He then demonstrated the now almost lost art of 'grove seaming' the metal by hand, well with a big hammer, another opportunity for lots of noise. After a little more shaping they will are ready for painting next week. The finished articles are for S&T to replace some old and rusted relay boxes.

In the heat of the afternoon several of us took a little time out in the shade.

From where we could see the P'way gang hard at work starting to close the track gap towards Toddington. The base layer of ballast is now tantalisingly close to meeting up round Chicken Curve.

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