Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday May 18th A CAMRA Day

Beer not Photographs!!!

With the Camra event taking place on platform 2 at Winchcombe it was a busy day for the railway. I hope there is enough beer left for tomorrow.

There were lots of people around all day. It was also a day on which C and W showed its multiple talents.

Fourteen signed in for duty today but also about was Ron Woodruff on Guard Duty for the main train.

and Bob Mac at the Winchcombe signal box. Both are frequently found working on carriage restoration but not today.

Those who were in C and W had lots to get on with.

Steve Barnfield spent the day working in the large vestibule entrance to 4790. By the end of the day he had fitted half the floor and some of the wall panelling support woodwork. After some discussion it was also decided to install a steel top hat rail to help support the rest of the floor.

John Hamer devoted his day to the capping strip by one of the double doors workshop side. First removing all the temporary fitting used to position the door. Then fitting drilling and securing the new strip in place and putting the hinges back.

There was a little adjustment needed!!

Hopefully the door can be rehung on Wednesday.

John Osborn was again creating this time some special brackets to mount the removable tables for the wheelchair user area in 4790.

I started by cleaning up the heating pipe double grill and painting it with silver Hammerite. I then spent along time trying to locate a length of tubing to house the communication cord. In the end I had to use a length of Polypropylene pipe which does have the advantage of a degree of flexibility. This is useful as the route of the cord is not absolutely straight. Having sorted that, I fixed the rest of the external roding. I now need to find a short section of chain to connect it all up. (The 'cord' is in fact a chain).

Cheryl popped in for a while and applied a coat of grey to one corner of 4790 until she was distracted by the arrival of her grandchildren.

Here the team have finally master the creation of a string for the balloon. If you had seen the effort that went into that you would be amazed.
It needed a team of 4!

Grenville and Bob Keyte took advantage of the dry weather to do some undercoating of the far side of the Monster Van.

Both Richard Johnson and Dave Clark spent time giving some the many visitors tours of C and W.

Dave refitted the barn end seat swabs following the grill moving exercise of Thursday. Having completed the exercise he inevitably discovered one grill that hadn't been re fixed so had to back track and fix it.

Richard also spent time cleaning and renovating various value controls.

He was joined by Andy Thompson who had earlier carried out a lot of filling and sanding on the barn end of 4790 and painted the workshop side corner grey.

On 4869 John Squires continued with clearing some of the side panelling to let things dry out Phil Salter reinstalled some of the base wiring that was removed before the coach came to the railway. The three of also moved the heating pipes from one end to the other to get them out of the way.

While on CK 7221 Derek Clark finished removing the rotten floor beams and rusted support from the car park end toilet area. He also created some temporary supports for the wall panel so that another section can be removed and a new steel top hat rail can be welded in.

Clear daylight through the floor. The rotten section being removed runs top centre top bottom right in the picture and should support the wooden frame work which in turns supports the panelling.

A great day all round and 4790 is starting to come together.


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