Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Monday 28th May - Post Thomas Clean Up

Following the Thomas weekend the Carriage Cleaning team assembled in force on Monday, expecting a lot to do.  They were not disappointed! This is the debris that Kath Bush collected from under just one table.

Meanwhile Philip Moore was attending to his speciality – toilets.  As well as Kath, John & Evelyn Tucker, Phil Bird and Roger Bush worked their way through cleaning windows and tables, brushing upholstery and sweeping out.  If the quantity of finger marks and crumbs was anything to go by a lot of children had a very good time!  When that was all done everyone helped out with mopping the floors.

During this time a sight definitely not to be seen by young children was John McMillan scrubbing the outside of the carriages.  Here he is giving instructions to Anne.
Thanks Roger for the update.Well done all.

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