Thursday, 31 May 2012

Thursday May 31st - Bits and Pieces

We had lots of different things going on today and unusually very little sanding and filling.

On 4790 Rod Wells had another go with his line measuring stick on the wall side car park end.

He taped up the corner and then got the undercoat paint out and starting with the chocolate top band worked his way down

doing the cream after lunch

 and returning to complete the area with the bottom chocolate band after tea.

He along with many others also consumed a slice of chocolate cake during the breaks!

Thanks to my wife for making it yesterday along with a very tasty Apple and Sultana cake.

You never go hungry in C and W.

Also in shot here is the vacuum connection pipe for the emergency cord system. After much puzzling I still don't know how a pipe that came off the carriage is an inch to long to go back on in the same place. So after assembling and dismantling the system several times and with John Hamer's assistance the system is now connected!

At the other end Ron Bennett having struggled to get the scaffold tower in position continued with the re instalment of the corridor connector.

John Hamer also returned to the issue of the capping strip on the opposite corner. After some discussion with Chris they decided on a way forward to correct the problem. While he was there he also sorted the other side of the door to ensure the capping strip will fit that side as well.

Earlier he had been one of several 'moth balling' 4869 ready to shunt it back outside. The initial investigations revealed there is far to much to do on the carriage at the moment as we only have a short time slot available before we need to move 4790 out to the barn. While it has been in Bob Mac and Malcolm have managed to clean repair and repaint the roof  which was one of the criteria for bringing it in the first place, so well done both.

Jeff Brodrick Moth balling, it makes a change from sorting the store room screws. Even Dave was at it with the tape.

Chris and Nikki were busy outside on the Monster van cutting out and replacing rotten planking and cleaning up more of the fittings. Above before and below after.

Another team gathered on platform 2 to do some more work on the Post Office Van in the bay platform.

John Osborn having fixed some mount brackets in the wheel chair area of 4790
  he completed the second of the relay box covers for S & T and has a third cut out ready for folding and assembly on Saturday.

7221 also got some more internal attention with some of the compartment panelling being removed ready to provide access for the repairers to start.                                                                     
We did also have another unusual task to complete today. A new top girder for the hoist arrived and had to be moved into the workshop. We still have to move the support legs from the yard. When assembled it will enhance our abilities to overhaul the bogies.    In total 17 volunteers attended today and had a very varied time.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Monday 28th May - Post Thomas Clean Up

Following the Thomas weekend the Carriage Cleaning team assembled in force on Monday, expecting a lot to do.  They were not disappointed! This is the debris that Kath Bush collected from under just one table.

Meanwhile Philip Moore was attending to his speciality – toilets.  As well as Kath, John & Evelyn Tucker, Phil Bird and Roger Bush worked their way through cleaning windows and tables, brushing upholstery and sweeping out.  If the quantity of finger marks and crumbs was anything to go by a lot of children had a very good time!  When that was all done everyone helped out with mopping the floors.

During this time a sight definitely not to be seen by young children was John McMillan scrubbing the outside of the carriages.  Here he is giving instructions to Anne.
Thanks Roger for the update.Well done all.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Saturday May 28th coming together

As predicted the paint brushes were out today and a coat of paint makes a big visual difference.

Martin Jaunch started the day by completing the lining on the workshop side car park end and then moved onto undercoating the double door area with Cheryl, but the workshop was so hot the paint was drying to quickly. Dave ever watchful was also checking to see if any more filling was needed.

So the morning tea break provided a useful interval for the workshop to cool down a little with the doors wide open.

Later in the morning Martin took time out to show a very enthusiastic young man round the workshop along with his mum and little brother or sister (I should have asked, sorry) 2807 is just out of picture on the right.

With Thomas in action many of the C & W volunteers were carrying out there alternate duties, Richard Johnson and Bob Mac were both on Guard Duties while Richard Drewitt was driving 'Desiel' tussling with the troublesome trucks.

Steve Barnfield was working wonders of transformation inside SO 4790 fixing several large panels in position around the wheel chair area.

He followed that up by fitting the main vestibule floor in place.

after Pete Fisher had cut and drilled and fitted spacers to a top hat rail to provide central support to the floor.

Chris Nikki and Grenville carried out more restorative work to the Monster Van painting the side and replacing some rotten wood on the far side of the van hidden from the track.

Phil Jones was dealing with the metal fittings on the track side of the monster van.

Paul Wood and Dennis Richards went in search of more communication cord to replace the rusted section. Having located and retrieved some 50 plus feet (thanks). I used about two feet to complete the fitting of the cord system and after a test with Dennis to ensure it worked mechanically, there is no vacuum pipe connection yet to test effectiveness, it was declared job done.

So I joined in the painting by greying up the car park end of the carriage.

at the other end someone, well I don't see everything, was doing a grand job with the first coat of black

Dennis turned to replacing a worn out hose with a new one.

The workshop having cooled a little with the breeze blowing through Bob Keyte completed the undercoating on the workshop side at the car park end of 4790.

Ben proved he has learnt well from his grandfather (John Osborn) by making a lot of noise with hammer. This they call panel beating but he did straighten out the panel so good on you Ben.

He then patched an area on the Barn end of the carriage.

John having found his missing pieces of metal forming tools marked out and bent into tube three section of metal. He then demonstrated the now almost lost art of 'grove seaming' the metal by hand, well with a big hammer, another opportunity for lots of noise. After a little more shaping they will are ready for painting next week. The finished articles are for S&T to replace some old and rusted relay boxes.

In the heat of the afternoon several of us took a little time out in the shade.

From where we could see the P'way gang hard at work starting to close the track gap towards Toddington. The base layer of ballast is now tantalisingly close to meeting up round Chicken Curve.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thursday May 24th A Red Hot Day

Being warm first thing there was no shortage of volunteers to help with washing the train before its first run of the day.

Foremark Hall prepares for the first run.

In total we had 11 volunteers signed. After Cheryl departed with friends having given them a tour of the workshop, the team split in two.

One group opting for the sunshine and the Royal Mail carriage on platform 2. The work on the carriage is largely cosmetic to tidy it up but this has to be done mid-week when there aren't to many people milling around on the platform. Come Saturday with Thomas in action it will be very crowded and wet paint will not be a good idea.

I did tell them to put the factor 50 on themselves first but would they listen, bright orange all of them.

The other group continued with work on SO 4790 in the church like cool of the workshop.

Robin finished the heater grill move and painted them. We did have to drill a few screws out and replace them, but the job was finished.

Ken tackled some more filling and sanding starting of the barn end. He smoothed over the joins of the new corner to the old body panel then dealt with the new screw fixings under one of the windows.

Following Ken was Pete Lucus who later gave the window section a coat of cream undercoat.

Pete had started the day (pictured here) filling and sanding the area adjacent to the new capping strip by the double door.

While Ken returned to the original corner and applied a coat of grey undercoat.

Rod Wells finally got to try out his new measuring stick to position the tape for the lining.

Ken returned to the original corner and applied a coat of grey undercoat.

John Hughes did venture outside for a while to do some work on the fittings of the Monster Van.

John Osborn started out looking at a job for S and T. He will need to find one of his 'special tools' to complete the job for them, so that will have to wait until Saturday.

John is here preparing to start dealing with a job left by John Hamer to fix in place the nuts holding the second door. I sorted out an issue with the capping strip over the door where there wasn't sufficient clearance. There is now.

Ron Bennett completed the re attachment of the corridor connector at the barn end. This a tricky job as you can't get a screw driver in and have to use an adapted socket wrench.

As the day wore on and the heat rose it was declared an ice cream day. The sales in the station cafe had a sudden sales burst. Thus those on the platform did avoid sunburn.

Wednesday May 23rd. Details

As important as any work is when restoring anything it is made or spoilt by the little details.

Today gives us the opportunity to identify some of those details.

First up is Dave Dron fixing the seat numbers back in place on the completed seats in the SO 4790

Then John Hill working away on the upholstery for a 1st class seat. Getting the pattern to line up and be consistent seat by seat is the sort thing that can easily be forgotten an requires great care.   (note the above picture)

Bob Mac made a welcome re-appearance from his signalman duties of Saturday. He re-painted part of the roof of CK 7221.

The door referred to in last Saturday's blog was re-hung. The new capping strip fitted by John Hamer can be seen painted in primer, underneath the hinges. Getting this all positioned is a painstaking job that needs millimetre accuracy when manoeuvring a very heavy door by hand. Get the position wrong and the doors will either not shut or open properly or will just stick solid. We are fortunate to have a very technically able door team.

The adjoining double door had to be removed in preparation for the capping strip to be fitted to that side. A very heavy item, it is here seen in the capable hands of John Groom, Ralph Pickstone, Derek O'Brien, and Mike Blackman.

Eddie Paddon and Michael Jackson are seen preparing and re-staining one of the sliding doors.

Eddie spent several weeks mixing various batches of stain until he got one just right so that the 'new' blended in perfectly with the 'old'. So often the difference stands out like a sore thumb.

Not Here.

The new aluminium capping strip for the door edge at the barn end of the workshop side, & John Hamer fixing it in place. Another point where the spacing between door and capping has to be correct or doors just don't open properly.

Sadly when the strip was positioned the spacing proved to be wrong and will have to be adjusted before further progress is possible here.

Maurice Norman was involved in sanding down items of varnished timber from TSO 4869.     

Seeing those capping strips in place will have the painters leaping for joy. It very much signals the point at which they can really get to work. 

Our thanks again the Russ Smith for the pictures and details for today's report.

A great job all round.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday May 18th A CAMRA Day

Beer not Photographs!!!

With the Camra event taking place on platform 2 at Winchcombe it was a busy day for the railway. I hope there is enough beer left for tomorrow.

There were lots of people around all day. It was also a day on which C and W showed its multiple talents.

Fourteen signed in for duty today but also about was Ron Woodruff on Guard Duty for the main train.

and Bob Mac at the Winchcombe signal box. Both are frequently found working on carriage restoration but not today.

Those who were in C and W had lots to get on with.

Steve Barnfield spent the day working in the large vestibule entrance to 4790. By the end of the day he had fitted half the floor and some of the wall panelling support woodwork. After some discussion it was also decided to install a steel top hat rail to help support the rest of the floor.

John Hamer devoted his day to the capping strip by one of the double doors workshop side. First removing all the temporary fitting used to position the door. Then fitting drilling and securing the new strip in place and putting the hinges back.

There was a little adjustment needed!!

Hopefully the door can be rehung on Wednesday.

John Osborn was again creating this time some special brackets to mount the removable tables for the wheelchair user area in 4790.

I started by cleaning up the heating pipe double grill and painting it with silver Hammerite. I then spent along time trying to locate a length of tubing to house the communication cord. In the end I had to use a length of Polypropylene pipe which does have the advantage of a degree of flexibility. This is useful as the route of the cord is not absolutely straight. Having sorted that, I fixed the rest of the external roding. I now need to find a short section of chain to connect it all up. (The 'cord' is in fact a chain).

Cheryl popped in for a while and applied a coat of grey to one corner of 4790 until she was distracted by the arrival of her grandchildren.

Here the team have finally master the creation of a string for the balloon. If you had seen the effort that went into that you would be amazed.
It needed a team of 4!

Grenville and Bob Keyte took advantage of the dry weather to do some undercoating of the far side of the Monster Van.

Both Richard Johnson and Dave Clark spent time giving some the many visitors tours of C and W.

Dave refitted the barn end seat swabs following the grill moving exercise of Thursday. Having completed the exercise he inevitably discovered one grill that hadn't been re fixed so had to back track and fix it.

Richard also spent time cleaning and renovating various value controls.

He was joined by Andy Thompson who had earlier carried out a lot of filling and sanding on the barn end of 4790 and painted the workshop side corner grey.

On 4869 John Squires continued with clearing some of the side panelling to let things dry out Phil Salter reinstalled some of the base wiring that was removed before the coach came to the railway. The three of also moved the heating pipes from one end to the other to get them out of the way.

While on CK 7221 Derek Clark finished removing the rotten floor beams and rusted support from the car park end toilet area. He also created some temporary supports for the wall panel so that another section can be removed and a new steel top hat rail can be welded in.

Clear daylight through the floor. The rotten section being removed runs top centre top bottom right in the picture and should support the wooden frame work which in turns supports the panelling.

A great day all round and 4790 is starting to come together.