Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wednesday April 25th

Our report comes from Russ Smith today.  -  Thanks Russ.

On a wet wet day staying in the workshop was a good idea.

Tony Shilham worked on renewing the bottom area of one of the new doors for SO 4790 by inserting a panel section from a donor door. 

This included:- Marking and then grinding the surfaces. Welding the piece into position

The completed weld and finally grinding off the surplus weld.

Then it was just a case of getting the area smooth with a couple of thin layers of filler.

Russ Smith sanded off the original varnish from an area adjacent to the new sliding door saloon entrance on the disabled carriage.

It was too wet to work on the Monster Van so Grenville Care did some of the mundane - but still essential - jobs such as sweeping the floor.

(Well it makes a change from creating the mess! - P)

Penny Dron working away in the Upholstery Carriage whilst John Hill sat around reading. (I would add that he was reading a technical book on Mark I carriages to obtain a correct measurement!!).

Dave Dron concentrated on re-fixing reservation label-holders to seat-backs.   

Eddie Paddon skilfully created new Sapele edging strips.

He then glued and pinned them to a new plywood panel for 4790.

Thanks Russ for the report and some great pictures.

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