Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wednesday April 18th

We were all delighted to have a visit from Geoff Gore. A good deal of friendly and humorous banter was evident around him. His illness means that it's unlikely that C&W will be having the benefit of his skills for much of this year, but we wish him all the very best with his treatment and recovery.

SO 4790

Michael Jackson continued with his varnishing of various Wooden trimmings

John Groom sanded down some newly fashioned pieces of timber ready for varnishing.

John Hamer inserted/checked the fit of some new and varnished items of wood in the frame of the end window of the carriage. (there are or were 2 still to fit).

Maurice Norman working on the wood of the gangway door.

Eddie Paddon worked on creating a new door-stopper which will be fitted into place. A different type of rubber insert (the one on the left) will be trialled when fitted. This a 'D' shaped rubber about one inch high. The flat side is bonded into a channel in the wood.

At one stage in the day Craig Dyer acquired a new nickname of "Knobby". He was asked to sort out the dodgy knob of the kettle for our Mess Room! 

Ralph Pickstone fixing a hinge to the bodywork ready to hang another of the double doors to the disabled carriage.

Derrick O'Brien getting one of the double doors ready to be hung on the hinge.

Steve Smith with the instruments that will be used to test the efficiency of the charging circuit of the new RBr on it's test run on Friday.

Rod Wells painting some more of the roof of the Monster Van. While Grenville Care and Russ Smith painted the interior walls.

The rain has revealed another leak in the roof that will need fixing. Another day another job.

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