Thursday, 5 April 2012

Thursday April 5th

A cold and damp start to the day. As a result Cheryl went for the pink hoodie look but it did clash with her orange overall.

The first order of the day was a vacuum and sweep of the running set.

Then it was back to the Monster Van and more sanding especially on the doors. Initially Dave and Cheryl were in action.

Later Robin took over from Cheryl

and Dave made some repairs to the roof.

The RBr continued to present challenges. Having apparently fixed all the leaks getting a proper water flow from the hot tap in the sink has become the baffling issue. So today Roger, John and Paul tackled the supply pipe section by section. They diverted cold water through various bits of the hot pipe work. This isolated the problem to the main long run along the kitchen but behind the units, typical. There was some flow but it was limited. Clearly there was a blockage.

So Roger got the job of blowing through the pipe. This had no effect so a wire was insert into the pipe to try and pinpoint the block. By doing it from both ends they isolated it to a small section of pipe over the kitchen door. A cut of the pipe revealed a lump of lime scale formed round a small piece of string! Having cleared that with a drill it was all reassembled and I left them about to retest the system. Having dismantled almost every joint what are the chances of finding a leak?

I started the day by checking up on the radiator cover catches in 4790. These are turnbuckle catches similar to those used by the old cars for securing the tonneau covers. Having checked the size they are not only similar they are the same which is fortunate because that means we can easily obtained replacements for those that are broken in 4790. Then I continued the preparatory work on the west end corner. While Pete Fisher made a curved section of steel for an east end pillar.

John Osborn cut two plates to patch the end of the body welding one piece in place and also welding in the door surround ready to re hang the door on the workshop side. Jeff Broderick resumed his battle with the rotating screw stack, sorting everything back into the correct draws and relabelling everything.

After lunch I started rebuilding the woodwork for the corridor connection. With the extensive metal work that has occurred in the west end of the carriage several of the mounting studs have been removed so I have drilled new holes to insert some new studs. Now if I can only find some bolts the right size! I did two last week and seem to remember I used the only two I could find then.

Towards the end of the day and having got the carriage side into a presentable state I applied another coat of grey before I left to watch the granddaughters swim. Malcolm spent the day looking at and working on the maroon set and as I left Dave was heading towards the Elegant Excursion rake to carry out some repairs there.

A good day overall with some good progress on the east end of 4790.

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