Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thursday April 26th

I arrived fairly early today. Just as Dave returned form the storage locker with a new steam hose connection. Yesterday the hose on the end of 24949 split. It was taped up to get it through the day but we needed to replace it before today's running as its the outer end that connects to the loco.
So spanner in hand and Dave carrying the new hose we set out for the train. The replacement was straight forward. So we headed back to the workshop.
As it was still dry we grabbed a ladder and the mastic gun and headed out to the Monster Van to deal with the roof. Fortunately it was clear what the issue was and even more fortunately I could easily reach it to effect the repair (squeeze mastic into the seam).
While this was all going on Cheryl had resumed the interior painting of the van. She was joined by Bob Keyte during the morning.

Pete Lucus and John Hughes arrived and took over doing some more sealing on the roof edge.

Three very heavy showers later and at the end of the day the interior was still dry.

So it appears we may have won and the consensus was that we had done all that is really needed at present.

We can now empty the content of 4869 (currently sitting in the barn) into its temporary storage, the Monster Van. An assessment can then be made of what needs doing to the interior of 4869.

On SO 4790

Ralph Pickstone was unusually in today (he is normally a Wednesday man) but it was good because as he fitted the top rail over the new double doors it became apparent there is a need to add an extra strip of metal to face the rail correctly and he could discuss and agree that with John Osborn.

John who wasn't feeling to good today so rightly pottered on minor but still important tasks at his workbench. Namely an additional protective grill for somewhere in the RBr. Hope your feeling better John.

Now one might think mentions of the RBr would come to an end.

You might think that but you would be wrong!

Paul Woods and Ron Woodruff spent most of the day riding the train, SUPPOSEDLY dealing with little issues on the RBr and looking into an internal steam leak
on TSO 4763. This is an intriguing issue
1. the toilets has had to locked out of use due to a leak in the water tank that supplies them. 2. We have disconnected the hot water system anyway even when the tank is OK.

So why is the defunct end of the hot water pipe blowing steam? 

However, its happening so we need to get an extension to the pipe fitted to direct the steam outside the carriage. A job for Saturday morning as I couldn't fix it today.

With Bob electing to take a ride on the train,John Osborn testing the bacon Butties and Dave deciding they needed company for the journey, it was a good job I had lost my phone for a while and couldn't take any pictures.

Fortunately I did find it later underneath the centre of 4790. How it got there I am not sure.
I spent most of the day working on the West end of 4790 cleaning the threads of studs and drilling out old bolts and re tapping the holes so that the communications cord system can be refitted to that end of the carriage.
I also did the usual sanding but the filling turned out to be at the other end completing a section just under the gutter with chemical metal. That's more sanding and filling for someone on Saturday!

At the end of the day Dave did another check of the Monster Van,

then set about clearing the steps out sweeping all round and pinning up some plastic sheet (just in case) over the two spots that look vulnerable to driving rain.

Out in SK 7221 Ron Bennett was beavering away removing the toilet at the west end more of the prep work ready for the carriage to enter the workshop.

Sorry not many pictures today due to the loss of the camera at the wrong moment.

Word has it there is another escape party scheduled for an early break out on Saturday, Dave's getting up at 01:30! I think I will take it easy and turn up for an easy day at Winchcombe much more sedate.

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