Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thursday April 19th

We had thirteen sign in for today's challenges. Those challenges could easily be titled 'Leaks' as we seem to have a theme running at the moment (sorry about the pun).

We have the RBr 1672 which wouldn't stop leaking but finally seems to have been brought under control. Ron Woodruff, Roger Wicker, Peter Lucus and Dave Clark spent various parts of the day endeavouring to complete the final tidy up. It has been agreed that the RBr will be taken for a test run with the Maroon rake during Friday. If that is successful it will be switched into the main rake ready for Saturday.

The next leak is the in the Monster Van. It was hoped that the temporary roofing that has been applied would make the van water proof in the short term. No suck luck. Russ reported that when it rained yesterday the roof leaked. This was confirmed with today rain. It's not so much a bowling alley as a mobile shower block. I think we better think it out again. Cheryl sweeping the van early in the day before the rain came.

The leak is in the section of unpainted roof.

The next leak is one you can no longer have namely 4790 where the two toilets have been removed to create the new entrance vestibule. The third door was positioned yesterday even if it is only help in place by rope and one hinge at present.

Lastly there is the toilet in CK 7221

 or should I say 'was'. It wasn't exactly usable anyway. However, now Ron Bennett has set about clearing it out by removing the fittings and the tiles from the floor.

While Dave Hancox continued sanding the panelling in the corridor.

John Hamer and Ron Bennett re installed the last window.

Tony Barnard started the day sorting all the remaining bits laying around in 4790 then swept and vacuumed ready for the interior refitting to begin at this end of the carriage

And later sanded some of the wood strips he had recovered from 4790 earlier.

I tackled the end woodwork again and painted the last piece black ready for fitting. I also completed the final fixing of the gutter at the east end of the carriage and applied some more filler just below the gutter to tidy that area up.

John Osborn tackled the last corner of the carriage removing the remains of the corner.

And then started the welding in of the new corner (the new corner is the green section left of picture).

And finally

Sylvia a former member of C & W dropped in to say she was soon to be returning to the fold. Nice to see you again.

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