Thursday, 12 April 2012

Thursday April 12th

Arriving early this morning and having taken the quick tour mentioned in the earlier blog I joined Cheryl cleaning windows. We went through the running set of coaches and finished the last compartment with about 30 seconds to spare before the train departed for the days service.

We treated ourselves to a coffee in the Coffee Pot Cafe before returning to the workshop.

Cheryl returned to the Monster Van for more sanding and painting.

And was joined by John Hughes.

John Osborn was busy doing what he does best. (As he himself said:- People come a long way for the sort of abuse you get in C&W)

He even found time to finish the east end workshop side top corner welding. Over the last few weeks Pete Fisher and John have made great strides forward with the metalwork. Well done both.

The critical path is almost certainly getting the doors back in position. For this, the wooden door pillars are needed followed by the capping strips then it will be possible to position the hinges for the doors. Of course there is still a couple of windows to fit oh and then the painting and thus the work continues for SO 4790.

In preparation Dave and I did a search for the capping strip by my count we need to find seven. We found three. Anybody know where the rest are?

Tony Barnard was busy sanding one of the sliding corridor connection doors while Malcolm was again checking/painting sections of the roof on the maroon rake.

Meanwhile on the RBr the end is in sight. If only the pipes would stop leaking. The only one that seems to be left on this front is under the carriage. The problem being the type of coupling that has to used makes it very difficult to get sufficient sealant into position before tightening the joint. John Hamer and Ron Bennett has the big Stiltsons out.

Robin was busy trimming parts of the kitchen areas.

CK 7221 was also getting some attention with Dave Hancox and Dave Clark sorting and tidying the storage van with all the internal fittings from 7221 thus creating some extra space. They then filled the space with the remaining bits that were still in the carriage. That was followed by a total sweep through and vacuum of the interior. They did have a hold up when the vacuum clogged and had to be cleaned itself before finishing the job. I suspect the carriage is now ready for some exterior repairs perhaps in the barn.

I had another go at the corridor connector wood work. I marked all the other holes on the back of the plate but they need a double check before drilling.  I also did some more filling and sanding.

Rod was also in action with the same on the side having earlier demonstrated his latest adjustment to the lining rod and found a place to store it ready for use.

The Bullion Carriage departed on a low loader here they are reversing out of the car park.

A very tricky manoeuvre.

After lunch we took a pleasant stroll to view the Chicken Curve work. You can't see much but there is definitely a big hole in the embankment at present so work is progressing at a pace.

Dave was on his usual Rubbish Jobs and not pleased to find someone has deposited a TV in our skip. The skip; is for C & W waste nothing else. The sign by the skip is quite clear!

Would the kind donor please collect it and take it to a proper tip. The skip contractors DO NOT ALLOW ELECTRICAL GOODS IN THE SKIP. It must be removed. Thank You.

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