Saturday, 28 April 2012

Saturday April 28th The Mary Celeste

I arrived later than usual but was still first in. Knowing that six of our usual number were out on another steam trip and at least 2 were on holiday I wasn't expecting a vast number of volunteers today. So having opened up and switch on the lights etc. I went to check on the Monster Van. Would it be dry inside?

Hooray, it was despite the wind and rain overnight.
So the opportunity was on to start the cross load of the content of TSO 4869,
if anybody else showed up.

Next in was Nikki with some bad news. Dad, Chris, has come of the motorbike and wouldn't be in. Sore ribs etc. and the need for a new bike? Nikki was in to take pictures for her school project detailing her contribution to C&W. Good luck with the project Nikki. Hope your feeling better Chris!

Then in quick succession Peter Fisher, Bob Mac and Martin Levie arrived.

Pete looked at the brackets required for the new sliding door at the west end corridor connection. With the toilets removed and a vestibule created the old opening door has to be replaced with. The new brackets effectively had to match those at the other end of the carriage. So Pete started by measuring them.

By the time Pete left he had made the first and cut the components for the others. There are ten in all. When fitted the wooden battens will support the panelling.

Bob, Martin and myself took on the challenge of the move. We were soon joined by John Hill who helped to coordinate the placement of the various items transferred.

One seat frame isn't to heavy by thirty they are. So an early tea break was held.
Well it had started raining and moving stuff in the rain is no fun (ask Bob).

Martin was extracting parts and Bob transporting then between the vehicles while John and I stored them.

Refreshed we completed the transfer by lunch time.
The afternoon was spent sweeping and tidying the remain bit, steam heat pipe, mounting brackets and a few seat frame bits. You can now walk from end to end without tripping up.

having removed the litter bins from the middle entrance door areas Bob Mac endeavoured to open the centre doors with no luck.

John Hill returned to the current upholstery task, here cover another arm rest.

Also in today were Steve Barnfield who fitted the panelling back into the the four full bays of the second half of SO 4790.

and Derek Clark who continued his battle with the floor of CK 7221. He is currently removing the west end toilet floor for Pete to have sufficient access to weld some new support steel work in place.

There was also a visit from a large group from Wheels and Wings, a transport enthusiasts group under the guidance of Glyn. They had a look at 4869 then having visited the Locos in the yard went to see the RBr while having a ride of the train. Richard Drewitt also dropped by to see the progress and to chat.

Late on I trimmed the east end workshop corner of 4790 to allow the door to close for the wood work team. This revealed an align ment problem to be resolved next week. The door is fine but the corner metal work needs to come out and match the door curvature.
JOHN bring your big hammer next week !!!!!

A total of eight dedicated worker who had a very good day.

No doubt the skivers will be sorry they missed such fun claiming to have had a good time at the seaside.

but how can they possibly match the excitement of our day and our finds?

A copy of the Irish Independent.


In case you can't read it or believe your eyes Wednesday December 13th 1995.
It was found on a luggage rack.
and the totally unbeatable
 An Inflattable lilo.
Found on another rack.
Now I bet the skiver never had one of those to play with today!


Anonymous said...

Could any of these carriages you've restored run on the mainline ?

Richard Johnson said...

They could all run on the main line, subject to certification of the bogies and wheelsets. Overhaul and maintenance requirements for main line registered vehicles are more stringent than for those that run on Heritage Railways which are limited to 25 mph.