Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday April 21st. Visiting Day

The first visit of the day was to check on where RBr 1672 was. Had it passed out with flying colours on its test run yesterday?

Well it was in the main rack but there were a few issues still to be dealt with. The first was a sticking window in the servers access door. I removed the door panel revealing a clogged window guide. A clean out by Chris and replacement of the panelling had the problem fixed ready for the first run of the day. We stood and debated the jet of steam from the shut off value for some time. fortunately procrastination some times pays off. After a while the value sorted its self out and stopped blowing. I also took the opportunity to test the quality of the Bacon Butties. Very Good.

The next issue was that charging lead that connects thought to the next carriage was short at one end so an extension lead had to be made up by Phil Salter ready for the afternoon run although it's only really needed overnight.

The next visit was the two groups of Fire and Drive participants one led by Dave who also took a group from the Avon Valley Railway round

and the other by John Squires.

Then the Dron family dropped in for a look around which meant

John Hill was doing battle on his own with the foam padding with only the electric carving knife to assist. Wow John's turkey must be something to see at Christmas.

These are two new arm rests. if only we could get the moquette in these colour schemes!

This is an example of the perished foam being replaced.

The Monster van was again the centre of attention with further efforts to seal the leaks. Andy and Martin taking advantage of the sunshine. This majored on the edge of the roof.

However, the torrential hailstorm late in the day
(this is a black ash heap cover white in hailstones)

revealed that the umbrellas were still needed in a couple of places.

A further climb up the ladders revealed a possible cause along the overlap of the roofing sheets. So next week we will have to try and seal the join.

Meanwhile Grenville was busy paint stripping and painting the end of the van when it wasn't raining

and the inside with Cheryl when it was.

With John Osborn completing the final corner virtually all of the welding is done on SO4790. So Pete Fishers visit was fairly short but we did identify several sections of top hat rail for his attention in 7221. If the woodwork in the area can be cleared to make the necessary working space.

It was good to see Ben recovered from his bout of illness and back with us painting the bare bits when John had finished and making up a protective grill to be fitted in the RBr. He also made some extra cable hangers to keep the electrical cables neat and tidy.

Chris spent a lot of time with the intricate fitting of one of the wooden door pillars at the east end of the carriage along with fixing the bottom hinge. John Squires assisting with the cut back of some surplus metal that was obstructing the door closing. John also spent time cleaning two steam values, at least I think it was John.

Andy Thompson having worked on the Monster van with Martin Jaunch in the morning spent the later part of the day filling and sanding and Grey undercoating one side of the east end. 

I on the other hand worked on completing the woodwork for the corridor connector at the west end. As the wood was not great on the edges I applied some mastic to seal the joint and black painted the area. It was then back to filling and sanding.

Inside 4790 Steve Barnfield took full advantage of the cleared space to fit some new panelling and to remove the rotten section of floor and fit a new piece.

Some of the new panelling

Finally Phil Salter took the first steps to restoring 4869 in the barn. as the carriage is only in the barn for unloading the interior content. There isn't a lot we can do but some the under body electrics could be dealt with.

Seventeen very busy volunteers in total and a lot achieved. We are at a turning point with the welding of 4790 finished and the painting and interior fitting about to kick off big time.


Anonymous said...

Is there any asbestos in these old carriages?

Richard Johnson said...

No, it was all removed a long time ago.

Good to see the new RBr in action after such a long and complicated restoration. It looks a whole lot different from when it arrived on our railway minus several doors and windows, and heavily stripped inside.