Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Saturday April 7th

I hope you have all had a very enjoyable Easter so far.

Our thanks to Dave Clark for the report

A busy and very mixed day with 13 in attendance. We could have done with our more usual numbers because Richard brought in three gateaux for his birthday last Friday, Cheryl brought in a huge number of hot-cross buns because it was Easter, and Paul brought in his Saturday do-nuts. Any dietary concerns went out of the window! Thank you Richard, Cheryl and Paul - it was all very much appreciated. (So not much work then)

The Monster Van
The day started with Cheryl once again in the Monster Van, doing some light sanding before adding a second coat of white paint to some of the previously done sections. She was joined by Grenville,

and later in the day by Bob Keyte, who started on the ceiling. By the end of the day, the gradual transformation of the interior was becoming quite striking.

Meanwhile, I removed some unwanted electrical conduit, and then with Bob's help, secured the top sections of some loose planking on the outside.

SO 4790There was more significant progress today on this long-term project.

Peter Fisher more or less completed his work to replace corroded sections of the corridor connection pillars at the east end.


While John Osborn offers up the first of his fabricated corner sections to the east end.

By the end of the day this had been welded in place, leaving a small section to be completed next week. (He likes to know what he is going to do next and I know what I will be doing, filling and sanding)

Andy Thompson began the refitting of the glass top sections to the interior lamp shades

- a somewhat fiddly process that required small fingers and a very short screwdriver!

While John Osborn was busy with his corner section, a passing Grenville had a quick attempt at painting it. Wherever you are in life, there's always one - bless him!!

after a search for all the communication cord apparatus, Richard began the refit at the west end of 4790. The heavy wooden central back plate however still needed to have the bolt holes carefully measured and drilled,

a job really best done using the heavy drilling machine in the woodworking area. With none of the team in today, all their equipment was locked up, so that was that - or so we thought ........

when walking back to the station with two visitors, I met Steve Barnfield, who was having a day on the railway with his family. Steve said that they intended to pop into the Workshop and have a look around and, bless him, while he was there he opened up the woodworking area and soon had the back plate holes drilled. Thank you Steve for your help on your day off.

RBr 1672 The saga continues.

A previously free'd up window decided to stick again, so Phil and Paul sorted this out.


Phil investigates (and curses) the water riser as once again it doesn't cut out even though the correct pressure says that it should. Arrrgh!

During all the activity in the kitchen, with Phil and John Hamer trying to sort out the water system problems, Dennis quietly adds the H&S aspects.


With the loco pit free, the RBr was briefly shunted out so that Phil and John could investigate two water leaks underneath. We couldn't stay there for very long as 2807 was shortly due back for inspection after two more test trips on the back of the service train

(thankfully it looks as though it's overheating right-hand piston rod may now be ok).


During the day, as we watched the various things going on in the RBr, I said to Richard, "Next time you get some coach transfers made up, please can you get two large ones with the name NEMESIS". Oh how this vehicle continues to thwart us, but we are getting there, and we will win in the end. Honest!

John Hamer continued his excellent work sorting out more good batteries. Taking two more for a test using one of the coaches in the Maroon Rake.

On Thursday we found a vacuum cyclinder left outside the Workshop, which turned out to be one of the ones from the DMU at Toddington. Here Richard and Andy are dismantling it ready for servicing.

Thanks Dave for the report. So you did get some work done and didn't spend all day eating Cakes. Oh and thank you to my family for the decorated eggs this morning!

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