Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wednesday of Birthday week

It was Michael Jackson's birthday today. We were all treated to a piece of cake in addition to the usual goodies to eat at coffee-break time. John Squires bought a cake in on Saturday because it is also his birth day today, and watch tomorrow as well!

Having supplied the cake I suspect Michael was the only one capable of action. Here he is adding another coat of varnish to the woodwork of SO 4790.

Having installed the new door John Groom cleaned up a door stub. they are used to protect the carriage side when the door is opened.

The stub was subsequently applied and a corresponding stub was fixed to the carriage side. A piece of steel will subsequently be welded on the inside of the carriage wall to strengthen that panel to avoid the possibility of it being dented should the door swing back on it with some force.  

With the 2 new table tops cut out at the weekend for RBr 1672. Eddie Paddon applied and trimmed off the surplus Formica that tops the table.

Then the edging to the tables has to be reapplied.

The RBr 1672 has some primer paint added to a new strip of hardwood. This was found to be necessary to ensure the centre double-doors open and close without any trouble.


                                   and after

The start of the new season is approaching fast as the tenders for the 2 steam locos arrived by low-loader today from Toddington. LMS 8274 which arrived yesterday had to be pulled out into the yard by D 2182

so its tender could be off-loaded for it to be reunited with the loco.

While the shunting and unloading is in progress for safety we have to suspend workshop activities until the operation is complete.

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