Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wednesday March 28th

Our thanks to Russ for the report and pictures today.

How long will the sunshine last? It was good for the Carriage Maintenance Team working on the chocolate & cream running set, in platform 1 today. 

Ted Ellis was lubricating the windows of carriage doors.

John Appleton making sure that each sliding window operates smoothly and without sticking.

Its a three step process.

The 1st step is to wire-brush the aluminium runner.
Next an old toothbrush is good for removing any loose material.
Finally the runner is then lubricated. 3-In-One dry lubricant is currently being used on a trial basis.  

Anthony Dowling was busy washing down the carriages.

While in the workshop

Tony Shilham was busy sanding down the filler which has covered the welding of the new piece of metal at the bottom R/H corner of a window in the Disabled Carriage SO 4790.

 John Hill and Penny Dron fixing a newly re-upholstered seat arm in the Disabled carriage. The east end of the carriage is pretty well ready for re assembly now.

 Mike Blakeman making up an insert for yet another of the door pillars.

Martin Levie and Russ Smith helped to remove loose and flaking paint from the interior of the Monster Van.

2807 was fired up ready for a steam test on Thursday. The opportunity was taken to replace a gland on the R/H cylinder which has been giving problems recently.

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