Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wednesday March 21st

A sunny day and lots to do now the races are over.
Our thanks to Russ Smitth for this report.

The RBr continues to get lots of attention. This time it's from Steve Smith, our expert in electrics, who installed an additional fuse into the RBr's battery housing box.

Grenville Care was again working away on removing old and flaking paint from the Monster Van. (if the suns out again tomorrow everybody will be volunteering for that job)

Dave and Penny Dron assisting John Hill moving a seat cushion into store. I'm guessing that's another one for CK7221.

John and Dave discover a broken spring from one of the seats. Well done I wouldn't want to sit on that one!

Russ Smith sanding down filled areas on one end of the SO 4790 carriage.

Later that part of the end of the carriage was painted with grey undercoat.

Meanwhile the Carriage Maintenance Team were busy doing maintenance work on the running set:-

Replacing a bulb in one of the carriages.

Note the cunning long bolts the light covers are fixed with. They come down far enough to allow access to the bulb then have a second thread if you need to completely remove them!

And Lubricating the sliding door mechanism carefully concealed in the panelling.


2807 arrived by low-loader during the day its a tight squeeze to get reversing it through the car park and yard.

Fortunately the rear wheels of the trailer can be steered separately from the tractor unit by one of the low-loader team He is just visible on the left.

2807 being lowered slowly off the low-loader using temporary track work. All that weight on one steel cable and loads of chocs behind the wheels just in case.

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