Friday, 2 March 2012

Wednesday 29th Feb.

I am back in Britain. While sun and sangria are nice.

but after a while you start to crave things and somehow the beach front train doesn't hack it

So I am very thankful for the reports that have continued to flow despite my absence.
This report comes from Russ.

Stages in the re-staining of some wood panelling in the SO 4790 carriage which had been damaged by water ingress creeping beneath the varnish.   (Right hand edge)

Dave and Penny Dron were busy working away in the Upholstery carriage, securing material to a seat arm and side panel respectively.
This set of pictures were taken in (relatively) quick succession to show a sequence of stages in the hanging of the 2nd of the double doors at the West end of the SO 4790 to create another disabled access carriage.

The existing running rakes have disabled facilities within the adapted gangway brake vehicles.
This carriage will provide 2 wheelchair places within the main passenger area for families or groups to travel together.
It will also include a large vestibule entrance to the carriage for 'buggy or wheelchair storage' if they are not needed on the journey itself.

Raising the 2nd door into "the hole". 

The team that dealt with this were under the direction of Craig Dyer, ably assisted by Ralph Pickstone, Geoff Gore, Derek O'Brien, and Mike Blakeman.
The ropes attached to the top of the door were used to both assist the lift and to secure the door in position while the hinges were positioned and fixed.

The initial positioning is complete.
Before the holes could be drilled to take the securing nuts and bolts for the hinges the doors had to be very accurately positioned.

Wedges and packing to set the final position.
and final fixing.
and just to prove how good they are, the door opens. As if you could ever doubt it.
What a professional team they are:- A very well planned job, executed quietly and without fuss, achieving the end result in an amazingly short length of time.
Thanks Russ for a fabulous series of pictures truly telling the story.

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