Thursday, 8 March 2012

Thursday of Cake Week

With some sixty odd members C& W should on average celebrate a birthday every week and some times two. However this week we have had 4 that I am aware off!

The latest is my own on Saturday so as I won't be in that day today was cake day Thanks to my wife for what everybody said was a good cake.

The LITTLE that remained, despite only 12 people turning up in dribs and drabs through the day, will no doubt disappear quickly on Saturday.

John and Malcolm also disappeared quickly today. They headed off with the main welder. This has started blowing an internal fuse far to often so has had to go in for a service.

When they returned John had to investigate the other welder as the fan wasn't working on that so all welding has come to a stop which is a problem as the current critical path for SO 4790 is the welding.

Fortunately he while no welding got done today John did fix the fan and the that welder is ready for action on Saturday.

We did have some other good news today.

1. Paul is feeling a lot better and phoned in for a chat.
2. The health and hygiene inspector came and departed well satisfied with both the RBr's and the Winchcombe Station Buffet. So its all go for the new season.
This was a great relief to us all as when Richard and Hillary opened the RBr 1675 this morning it flooded. Some quick action and assistance from John Hamer rectified the issue.

There is still some work to do on RBr 1672, jobs seem to keep appearing. Today Dave investigated what appeared to be a rust bubble in the paintwork. After investigation and the removal of a piece of paint about the size of a 10p piece we found the the paint had lifted from good metal. So a refill and paint resolved the issue.

The spot is right behind his left index finger.

After resolving that, he was back in his element showing 2 visitors from the Epping and Ongaer Railway around both the good and the bad. Here they leave CK 7221 which at the moment is good example of when needs doing!

Dave Hancock was again busy with the sander on the panelling. Also out sanding was Bob Keyte in the Monster Van. It really is a monster task he is also identifying planks that need replacing as he goes.

Back on the RBr there was some external cleaning with windows being given some detailed paint removal by Robin and John.

Ron Bennett started the day busy fitting a sight glass in the RBr Kitchen and then switched back to the last 4 lampshades for SO 4790. There are a lot of parts ready to be refitted to 4790 like the seats ends, the seats and the light fittings. Once we start refitting these things progress will be very swift. I hope.

I spent a good part of the day filling and sanding the west end of SO 4790 but concluded just after lunch the sanding was in danger of removing to much of the red oxide coat so added the first grey coat. This will still need a lot of sanding before we really get down to the proper painting but at least there is something to work on now.

Even if it is only a first coat it does make things look like progress.

Having finally got the bogies sorted for the Maroon Mini Buffet on Saturday John Hamer was busy completing the brake linkage. The main link arm under the carriage was a fixed length rod. These are normally adjustable and John decided to locate an adjustable rod and fit that.


Oh if life were that easy. Having found a number of rods in the store that were all of a shorter version a second search was needed before an acceptable length adjustable rod was found.

The problem, yes of course it couldn't be THAT easy, was that the rod eyes were a different size so he had to also get the matched coupling arm.

By this time the mass shunt that proceeding in the yard getting things in position for Saturday had relocated the carriage half way down the yard from its former and convenient position next the the workshop.

So with all the bit loaded on a trolley, you really don't want to carry those rods far, we set off to fit the replacement rod. We only had to go back for one tool we had forgotten, the screwdriver to open the split pins once the bolts were all in place. I went with John on this foray as it is 2 person job to position and pin the rod. Having done so and having remembered to take the paint and brush with me I did some more touching up of the paint work on the bogie. Its amazing how many nooks there are on a bogie. By the end of the day it was job done.

The 'Turkish 8F', as I suspect we shall still call it for quite a while, is now actually back in its LMS livery. A splendid sight already for the new season.

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