Thursday, 29 March 2012

Thursday March 29th

First up two additional pictures which really belongs to yesterday.

Not only did John Hill and Penny Dron ( Sorry I don't know if David was in helping as well. I expect so.) fit the first arm rest back into SO 4790 but by the end of the day they had as far as was possible completed the entire first section of the carriage with fully finished seats.
Today there were just eleven signed in and John Hamer spent most of his day testing cross checking and switching batteries for two of the Diesel's. However, there was still progress on all fronts. Malcolm opted for the sunshine stripping the roof of CK 7221.

(Malcolm was on the other side) Note the distinctive window arrangement of the CK. It has 4 first class compartments at this end and three second class compartments at the other end.

The Monster Van came in for a lot of attention as we need to get it finished to use for storage. Alternatively it has been suggested we could hold a skittles event in it for the next gala. There is space! Dave is half way along the van in this picture.

Today Bob Keyte and Dave Clark we're busy paint stripping on the interior.

On 4790 Cheryl started the day working on the centre entrance to the carriage which has a new wood surround. So priming filling and sanding kept her occupied.

Having modelled my new overalls, a present from my daughter at Christmas, I set about making them dirty with filling and sanding the end of the carriage.

I followed that by trimming 5/16" from the edge of the wall side double door entrance followed in turn by painting the whole panel in undercoat grey. I finished off the day by preparing the last section of guttering on the same corner. It's final fixing can be completed on Saturday.

John Osborn cut three hinge mounting plates for the second door and welded them into place. He then concluded by cutting the replacement side plate to cover the plates. This is also ready for final fixing on Saturday.

Rod tested out the final version of his lining gauge and then started the re-installation of the light fittings. He finished the day doing a little filling and undercoating round the gutter on the first corner of the carriage.

Finally it was good to see Paul back with us again and supervising work on the RBr. Roger Wiker and Phil Jones were busy fixing trim strips around the sink and cooker while Paul washed the floor and organised the chairs and cleared all the accumulated bits and pieces that don't belong in the carriage out. No he hadn't fallen down again this was deliberate to clean the floor!

Phil trimming the edging strip.

Loads done still still lots to do on Saturday but a great effort all round today.

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