Thursday, 22 March 2012

Thursday March 22nd

With a sunny day and 17 volunteers signed in we made some notable progress.
However, the first job of the day before we had even warmed up was to unload a load of hardwood timber for the Wednesday team. Yes as usual it was delivered on a Thursday.

John and Malcolm collected the welder this morning. We really have missed it lately with a number of jobs queued up on SO 4790. After lunch John set about the list completing both the first two corners and he is lining up the second side panel at the west end of the carriage.

Peter Fisher was also very busy today adding a bolt plate for the first pair of double doors, positioning the hinge plates for the second door on the wall side of the carriage and finishing the pillars at the east end of the carriage. So if John and Ben can do the side panel we may even be able to position the double doors wall side on Wednesday. Now that would be progress! In the picture Pete and John Hamer double check the position and with a little tap from Pete adjust the position.

John Hughes completed the fixing of the edging trim for the centre door. It has about the last section of Carmine paint on the carriage but not for much longer as a lot of filling and preparatory work has now been completed.

Mid morning we set to and moved to wood delivery further down the workshop.

Dave Hancox was again busy on CK 7221 sanding the east end entrance vestibule. Well it was in the sunshine.

On the RBr there was a lot activity including a record attempt for the number of people you can get in the kitchen area. With me taking a picture we had six. Robin painting

Ron Bennett investigating and fixing a leak by the sink with some assistance from Dave while Ron and Roger were doing some tidying up in the background. I'm not sure what they were doing I couldn't see. Oh and we still didn't get a decent bacon butty. Hilary we need you!

In the afternoon the pipe cladding was prepared and fitted.

John Hamer was again testing batteries on the running set. It seems one of the in built chargers is not doing its job properly.

While John Squires, pictured, serviced one of the vacuum connector valves.

Rod Wells testing out the cunning new tool he has devised to simplify the lining out process.Its a gauge that sets out the line positions without the need for as tape measure.

Surprisingly there was nobody working in the sunshine on the monster van but Dave, with some assistance, did a sweep inside to tidy things up and they also cleaned around outside to stop the paint flakes blowing around and making a mess.

So a big move forward and the chance to make some major steps forward over the next few working days. If we could just finish the RBr with a test bake of bacon butties and tea.


Anonymous said...

Hi, such an amazing Job you guys do with those coaches. What's the plans with ck7221? This is the first time I've seen it. Is it a coach your restoring for another chocolate n cream rake ? Any chance of a few pics of it? Thanks alot

Richard Johnson said...

Hi,the plan is that 7221 will form part of our maroon set. It should come into our workshop for a full refurbishment after we finish our disabled coach 4790. We should see lots more progress with 7221 throughout the summer.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

If you search the blog for 7221 you will find updates going back almost to the start of the Blog. Most relevant for pictures are 15th October and 15th of February.