Friday, 2 March 2012

Thursday 1st March

Back in Winchcombe an the first job was to blow the cobwebs away. This one was more visible than usual due to the mist blanketing the valley.

The yard was grey and damp. Where's the sunshine Dave kept talking about?

It did brighten up later in the day which was as well because the main task of the day was to finish the cleaning of the bogies under the maroon Buffet Restaurant car while its still up on the jacks.

After some initial work with wire brushes Malcolm got the needle gun out and Cheryl discovered it was a quicker way to remove her nail varnish.

With everybody mucking in the two bogies were quickly rendered ready for the 'underbody black' paint to be applied.

(me getting stuck in. The picture is thanks to Rod.

Also later in the day with the shock absorbers now in a fetching Blue, Dave fills in some of the detail.

This van was a welcome sight as it heralded the arrival of the Gas man.

Fortunately, despite all the painting that has been done, in RBr 1672 nobody had painted over the gas taps and (I gather) the boiler has passed its tests.

That is a good job as you can see by how much the paint on RBr 1675 has faded and is in need of some TLC.

With the main rake back in the platform, after P'Ways effort relaying the track, a squad took advantage of the sunshine to do an internal clean of the rake. Robin on vacuum cleaner.

Paul we need you, we were going to wash the outside but having found all the stuff to do it there was no water supply available. I'm sure you could have resolved that one.

With 13 signed in the sun shone through and we got the bogies done. Now what about this line of six bogies lads?

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