Friday, 2 March 2012

Thursday 1st March News

While I was away there were no pictures on the blog now I am back I will be adding afew retrospective shots to those blogs. So you may wish to re-read the last few postings.

I returned to C & W to hear some sad news.
No don't laugh this is serious.
Paul don't laugh it WILL hurt.

Paul making the tea. (Library Photo apprently the teapot is now to heavy to lift).

2 nursery rhymes immediately sprang to mind. Its my warped sense of humour. The first was 'Fly away Peter fly away Paul'. The second 'Humpty Dumpty'.

I, Peter have just flown on holiday and returned safely. 
Paul on the other hand only managed to fly to hospital with the air ambulance..
Seemingly his first take off resulted in a crash landing in his garden and as with many falls the consequences were not good. He did fair better than Humpty Dumpty though.

Paul ONLY suffered 4 broken ribs.

I and all your 'friends' at C & W wish you a swift (see more flying things) recovery.

Best wishes Peter
Deputy Tea Boy

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