Sunday, 4 March 2012

Saturday 3rd March

A busy busy day with another large focus on the bogie issues. So it was again fortunate that the sun shone. Seventeen volunteers gathered from far and wide.
Having been reasonably confident that the bogie recovered to go under the Maroon rakes Buffet Car was good and having cleaned and painted it, it was somewhat alarming to find one wheel set of the bogie stuck when the body was lowered. However, having stood idle for a number of years we suspected it was just stiff. So the carriage was taken up and down the yard slowly and carefully watched. After jolting over the second rail joint it moved and after a little more running up the yard the wheel set was moving again. A great relief all round.

Elsewhere on SO 4790 John Osborn and Pete Fisher were both in welding action. John was finishing the new west end side panel with Ben following up with the red oxide, while Pete was renewing a section of pillar at the east end.

Martin Jaunch started on filling and rubbing down the west end of the carriage. An activity that I joined in after lunch.

Cheryl started the day fixing an issue on the main running set.

Bob Keyte and Grenville Care disappeared into the Monster Van where they continued stripping the paint from the walls and ceiling

Having sanded and prepared all the table tops for the RBr it was found that 2 of them needed replacing completely. So Steve cut and shaped new ones.

He then set about making new door portal edges. These piece are not only curved as per the sides of the carriage but also heavily notched at all the fixing points. Getting them right is long careful job and while I haven't counted I suspect we may well need to replace at least 8 of the 12 on this carriage.

Dave did his usual running around with 'fill in' jobs and tidying up behind the rest of us until 2 visitors arrived. That kept him busy for while.

As is usual at the moment several people took a walk along to the bridge in the sunshine to look at progress with the embankment work. It's not just C & W who do this. Here the engine crews also took a walk.

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