Saturday, 17 March 2012

Saturday 17th March

As I couldn't make it in today our thanks are again to Dave Clark for the report and pictures.

A busy and very varied day with 13 in and the very welcome return of Paul. It was great to see him back.

The first job of the day was a tidy-up and sweep round in the Workshop by Martin and myself, in readiness for the two 20-minute tours for the 8 participants of the Silver Fire and Drive course. The two tours were run by John Squires and myself.

SO 4790 - good progress today and the start of the re-assembly.

Chris completed the final fitting of the new wooden pillar for the central door, with some minor adjustments to the bottom section to true it up. The door now closes perfectly.

With the floor in the east end compartment cleaned up, Steve made a start on attaching the newly made side panels to the ends of the seats.

Richard fitting the missing section of capping strip to the left side of the central door. He later partially fitted the full length capping strip to the right hand side (this will be completed next Thursday).

John Hamer cleans up the two wooden bases for the west end corridor connection, both of which he later fitted, (I think).

The west end is now looking much more complete after several filling, sanding and greying up sessions. Here Martin is at work.

Martin then applied red oxide to any bare metal exposed by the sanding down process. This was followed with another coating of the base layer of light grey undercoat. We have probably got this as good as it can be now.

RBr 1672 - our almost completed restaurant car continues to thwart us, with an unwelcome surprise. Phil removed the sink unit to repair a leaking pipe, only to discover that the wooden base of the window above the sink had completely rotted through. Andy surveys the scene.

Steve came to the rescue. He prepared and then fitted a base section to the window, which enable Phil to complete his repairs to the sink unit. By the end of the day, it was all back in place.

John Osborn was busy preparing a new covering for the conduit in the RBr kitchen.

Andy preparing a new section of lino, with underlying plywood, where this is missing in the RBr kitchen area.

John Squires attaches a metal plate (created by Ben Carroll last Saturday) to cover the cable output box on the side of the battery case.

Work also continued elsewhere.

Grenville and Bob Keyte continued working on the enormous Monster Van, removing more external paint, and then painting wood primer on the exposed planking. Meanwhile Richard and I secured the double doors at both ends of the van - a somewhat difficult job, requiring a lot of heaving, straining and a hammer to get the long bolt secured into the top metal loop. There was quite a puddle inside the van from the leaking roof. This will be felted to provide temporary covering until the van can be brought into the Barn.

Paul repaired a broken toilet seat from one of the coaches in the Chocolate and Cream rake, and got it back to the train before it left for Cheltenham. (I hope he felt flushed with the success of his return)

Another running repair involved Chris curing a sticking door and window on the FK. As with Paul, he was able to complete this before the train left.

Dennis continues his excellent work to help our coach maintenance team. Here he is filing his reports in the box files in the office. There is a file for each of our coaches, the utility vehicles and the Elegant Excursions rake. There is also a file for each of the two diesel shunters based at Winchcombe.


Hooray, some positive direction for SO 4790. Have we got to the end of the jobs on the RBr though? We shall see. Once again thanks to Dave for the report . Peter.


SWrural said...

Brilliant report. We who cannot be there are so grateful for these reports.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Howard.

Best Wishes

Dave Clark