Thursday, 15 March 2012

Race Week

With the Cheltenham Races in full swing the race trains are departing from Winchcombe this week due to the land slip and consequently the car park is jammed solid. It is much smaller than the car park at Toddington. Volunteers were asked to park down the road at the school or find other side roads to park on.

The C&W volunteers come from far and wide. Kent, Luton, Birmingham, Stroud etc. So most of us drive some long distances for our fun. So most of us decided to take the week off and avoid all the traffic and avoid upsetting local residents as well.

There were some folk still in both Wednesday and Thursday but as yet I haven't heard of any progress or work undertaken.
I guess that on Saturday C&W may be similarly lightly staffed. So next week it will be all hands and hard work, won't it?

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