Tuesday, 13 March 2012

March 12th Monday

If you have read the recently revised Volunteering write up for Carriage and Wagon you will know that the department has three sections. We don't just rebuild the carriages! We also keep them clean and do the day to day running maintenance. These two latter sections are small but very dedicated. This report comes from Roger Bush one of those dedicated few.

Four volunteers from the Carriage Cleaning Team met under the leadership of John McMillan for the first time this year.  This was to carry out further cleaning on the maroon rake ready for the race train this Friday.  The rake had been shunted into platform 2 which makes life a lot easier! 

So we set to with another quick sweep then on to other things we do on a regular basis.  John tackled the few windows that needed attention, Phil M the toilet cleaning specialist (he volunteered, honest!) and Kath and Roger mopping the floors. 

After we had finished people from the race train charter company went through adding their advertising touches.  They also did this to the chocolate and cream rake, which for this week only is cleaned by professional cleaners daily.

This year carriage cleaning day will be every Monday (except bank holidays).

Thanks Roger. And well done the team.

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Anonymous said...

It's good to see the Carriage Cleaning Team have some publicity. This is very important work which is one of the reasons for updating the C&W Voluntering page on the Website, and also why we are currently not taking any more volunteers into the Workshop. If you would like to join C&W, then please join our Cleaning team. They would very much welcome some more help.
Dave Clark (Deputy Head C&W)