Thursday, 23 February 2012


Thanks to Russ for the report today.

With the weather improving the work moved ahead a pace on Wednesday.

The sticking of new Formica to the tables in the RBr continued with Eddie Paddon and Grenville Care working hand-in-glove with the process.

Having got the new side panelling on SO 4790 on Saturday Craig Dyer set about fitting the locking mechanism to the 2nd door at the west end of the carriage. However,we still need to fit the first door.

Tony Shilham was dealing with the final window that has had to be removed. He shaped and welded a new piece of metal to form one of the bottom corners of the window. It will be back to John Hamer to reinstall the glass once all the internal wooden surrounding is shaped and ready for fitting.

Ralph Pickstone was busy reinstalling the middle door of SO 4790 but great care is needed to get it flush with the side of the carriage. It can be a real problem getting the curvature lined up just right when remounting a door. We try not to remove the door hinges but sometimes it just has to be done.

John Hill, was busy completing another seat arm having carefully folded and stapled some new material into place.

Of course the most important time of the day is when the bell rings to announce tea-break time!
Grenville was promoted to chief tea boy for the day - it's nice to be waited on!!

That's a point another Sangria anybody?

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