Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Wednesday February 8th

Our thanks to Russell Smith for the pictures and report today.

Tony Shilham working on a drain pipe from the base of one of the windows in SO 4790. These drains take the condense from the windows down the inside of the panelling and empty under the carriage.

Mike Blakeman doing some more work on the door pillar insert for a middle door. Most of the pillar inserts on this carriage have to be replaced.

Geoff Gore working on a hinge for one of the doors.

Russ Smith painted another undercoat on the headboard for the forthcoming Titanic Centenary Night special train. Three undercoating may seem a lot but they soak into the board and exposed on the front of the loco it will get a bashing.

Eddie Paddon trying out a new piece of timber for the Toddington end entrance door.

Penny and Dave Dron working on the upholstery. Penny using the hand machine to achieve a nifty bit of sewing.

"Why won't this door close properly? Or "How do we need to adjust this? 4 heads are better than 2 or 3 when it comes to fitting this door into its final resting place on the disabled entrance at the Winchcombe end entrance to SO 4790.Having replaced the structural steel work getting everything aligned take time and precision.

I hope they leave enough space for the paint or the doors will be sticking!!

Thanks Russ a great update on the days work.

Also in action okay we're Clive Thomas and the C&W maintenance team.

They completed the buckeye exams and lubrication on all the service coaches.  All are essentially Ok except the buckeye on the south end of 4787 which is showing signs of excessive wear so will have to be changed.

We need to add this to our list of jobs for the next couple of weeks.
All the lubrication and brake adjustment on the service coaches is now complete. They also carried out brake tests today and they all went fine.
All this work on the service coaches is paying dividends. Good work by the maintenance on a very cold day!

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